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Adam StacksAdam Stacks
December 1st, 2021
~ 6 minute read

Corp Design is a leader in commercial office furniture today. Their desks are stylish and functional with a wide variety designs and styles. Corp design carries a cohesive design element throughout all their office furniture and that is minimalism. Their finishes are sleek and stylish which makes them the focal point of most of their office furniture. But that doesn’t mean boring. Corp Design has found a happy medium between simplistic and understated that makes for a refined and upscale look.

Corp Design is committed to its five signature finishes which are Blanc De Gris, Espresso, Grigio, Miele, and Noce. Blanc De Gris is an almost white finish with a light grey woodgrain, espresso is a dark brown similar to a dark roast coffee color, Grigio is a dark gray with woodgrain, Miele is a warm cherry looking woodgrain, and Noce is a similar but more muted look similar to a walnut finish. These finishes can be found in all Corp Design office furniture. Also, every Corp Design office furniture piece carries a ten year manufacturer’s warranty.

When it’s time to begin searching for new office furniture, it is important to remember to carry one single design element throughout the office. Avoiding the trap of mismatching office furniture is key into providing a professional, and well designed look throughout. Using one company can help alleviate some of the headaches that come with stocking an entire office at once. With this in mind, here are some examples to help get you started in filling your office with top quality office furniture from Corp Design.

Reception Desk with White Glass Transaction Counter

Reception Desk With With Glass Transaction Counter

Starting Price- $740.00

Beginning at the front of the office, the reception desk is the first major piece of office furniture everyone will see when entering your office. The reception area provides the first impression for guests, so it must be professional, stylish, and clean. Corp Design has many great offerings in this furniture type. This reception desk with white glass transaction counter is a great place to start in your search. This offering is very sleek and stylish with its muted tones that allow the white glass countertop to be the focal point. This reception desk is a little bit minimalist when it comes to style but offers a lot in the way of storage for a receptionist. There are options for drawers, a keyboard tray, and organizers. An added option of a power module rounds out the optional features that makes this a great overall piece of office furniture for the reception area. If additional storage or organization is needed in conjunction with the reception desk, Corp Design has a wide variety of filing cabinets and bookshelves that partner well with all of their office furniture.

L Shaped Desk with Drawers

L Shaped Desk With Drawers

Starting Price- $1,130.00

Moving on to a desk for the many employees throughout your office, Corp Design has stylish models in every desk shape made. Pedestal, bow front, U shaped, pedestal, peninsula, and sit stand desks are all great options available. However, the most popular office desk design today is the L shaped desk. This model allows for two workspaces with the dual desktop design. This is very popular for anyone who must multitask daily, which is most of us. The trademark minimalist look to the L shaped desk is evident at first glance. The desk has two sets of drawers for a great amount of storage. The desk also comes with the added options of a keyboard tray and power module bit it also has a cool additional feature that helps organize the desktop tremendously, monitor arms. Adding monitor arms to this office furniture will lift up to two monitors off the desktop, freeing up space in front of the user which helps keep the desk looking professional and adds functional space for the user. When looking for a good workstation to be the workhorse of the office, there are many designs, but this L shaped desk is a great place to start looking in your search. In fact, it may just be a perfect fit.

U Shaped Desk with Glass Modesty Panel and Hutch

U Shaped Desk With Glass Modesty Panel And Hutch

Starting Price- $2,485.00

When it comes to the executives of the office, their desks tend to be a cut above everyone else’s. They are often larger because they fit in “the big office.” But they also provide more storage for the person at the top. This U shaped desk with glass modesty panel and hutch is a great example of this. The two pedestal drawers and hutch offer great amounts of storage, while the U shaped design offers three separate desktop work areas for the user. Above functionality, the desk makes a statement. Even though it is in the Corp design minimalist style, the glass modesty panel offers such a strong contrast to the rest of the desk, like a diamond centerpiece on an engagement ring. The U shaped desk provides an executive with ample workspace and storage space. Along with a centerpiece to their office that belongs in the top person’s office. Optional features include a task light that sits below the hutch for the back credenza of the U shape, a power module, and the monitor arms to clear up much needed desktop space for the user.

Sit to Stand Height Adjustable Desk

Sit To Stand Height Adjustable Desk

Starting Price- $950.00

As an alternative to the traditional desks listed above, the sit to stand height adjustable desk is a newer trend in office furniture that can totally revolutionize the way we go about our workday. Giving the ability to move from a sitting position to a standing position at the touch of a button is a small change that has amazing results. In an effort to combat a sedentary lifestyle, a sit to stand desk was created to add just a little movement throughout the day. This small change gets people on their feet, and the blood flowing. Many users have attested to this small change leading to a greater lifestyle change that completely changed the outlook of their lives. It may seem simple, but it is an absolute game changer in office health. If you are looking for a change, then perhaps this sit to stand desk is a great alternative to a traditional office desk.

Boat Shaped Conference Table and Chairs Set

Boat Shaped Conference Table And Chair Set

Starting Price- $7,370.00

Corp Design also has the conference room covered. They provide many different styles and options for the conference room. A great place to start looking is in this boat shaped conference table and chair set. This versatile conference table set can be sized from eight feet to twenty feet in two foot increments. Also, the amount of chairs in each size is equal to the overall length of the conference table. Therefore, a sixteen foot table would come with sixteen chairs. As an option, power modules can be added for maximum efficiency. The conference table is clearly a Corp Design model as it isn’t too flashy but gives off the appearance of refinement and grace. Even the matching chairs speak to this tone. The conference room is one of the most important places in an office and this conference table and chair set is a great piece of office furniture that shows the commitment giving it the attention that it deserves. How many times have we seen a conference room that is haphazardly thrown together with whatever extra furniture may be laying around the office at the time? Cafeteria tables belong in the cafeteria, not stacked together to form something that somewhat resembles a conference table.

Miscellaneous Storage

Storage Cabinet with Wall Mount Hutch

Corp Design also provides accessories for the office that will be in the same style and finishes as the rest of their office furniture. Everything from bookcases to lateral storage cabinets, to wall mounted storage cabinets. Everything that is needed to fill out that complete office we all desire. One of the best moves for presenting a professional office is also paying attention to the storage making sure it matches the overall design of the office and office furniture. Doing this will prevent the hodgepodge look of a professional Corp Design desk, with random office furniture storage that isn’t an exact fit to the primary office furniture.

More Resources

Corp Design really does have the entire office covered. Madison Liquidators is a leader when it comes to offering Corp Design office furniture. For a more in-depth look at Corp Design, check out their website provided below. When you are ready to order or have questions about any Corp Design office furniture, give our design team a call at (608) 831-1012.

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Adam Stacks
About The Author

Adam Stacks, came to Madison Liquidators at the start of 2021 after several years of freelance writing for local newspapers, magazines, and websites. His passion for writing began at an early age by writing personal works of fiction. Since joining Madison Liquidators, he has dedicated himself to studying office furniture and relaying his insight to the consumer in hopes of helping them in their search for quality office furniture.

Adam Stacks

Adam Stacks, came to Madison Liquidators at the start of 2021 after several years of freelance writing for local newspapers, magazines, and websites. His passion for writing began at an early age by writing personal works of fiction. Since joining Madison Liquidators, he has dedicated himself to studying office furniture and relaying his insight to the consumer in hopes of helping them in their search for quality office furniture.