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5 High-End Executive Desk Sets That Make a Great Impression
Business professionals of all kinds should strive to have an impressive desk set in their office. Doing so can pay you back in dividends and is one of the best investments you can make for your business. Having impressive office furniture will not only go a long way with retaining staff but it can work to keep your space clean and organized and make great impressions on customers and clients who visit your office. These five desk sets have been ha...
Published on July 20 2017
Creating Two or Four Person Workstation Pods with L Shaped Desks
For most people an L-Shaped Desk is an ideal amount of space for paperwork, monitors, a laptop and other desk accessories. Because of this businesses frequently use L-Shaped desks to create desk pods or groups of workstations which can be put together to create a large U or T shape with two desks or a Plus shape with a pod of four desks. L shaped desks come in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes but by far the most popular for create multiple ...
Published on July 14 2017
What to know about Conference Tables with Power and Data Outlets
Most conference tables do not come with power modules automatically installed. When working with your office furniture dealer you are going to want to ask them what options that have and generally you are going to want to pursue the easiest option that offers a finished look for your boardroom. Most connectivity boxes come with different power, data and media connectivity features so it will be important to get a list of your needs and select the p...
Published on July 13 2017
What to know about Standing Desks
Standing desks are a relatively new concept however are taking modern office environments by storm. Most people know little to nothing about standing desks or even if they would be comfortable working at them. As a convert to standing desks I can tell you first hand, switching from sitting all day to having a workstation that you can sit or stand at is ideal. If you work 40+ hours at a desk, pushing paper, clicking or typing and have any sort of m...
Published on July 12 2017
Adding Power Outlets to a Conference Table
There are countless numbers of reasons why you might want power outlets and data ports installed into a conference table, fortunately the process is generally pretty easier whether you have an existing conference table or are buying a new conference table. New Conference Tables with Power If you are buying a new conference table the easiest way to get yourself with a powered conference table is to buy a Harmony Collection conference table paired ...
Published on July 12 2017
The Benefits of Having an Ergonomic Desk
If you’re reading this article I already know one thing. You or someone you know is sore while working at a desk. Am I right? Maybe your neck, shoulders or back? Something’s up and that’s why we’re talking about ergonomics. So here we have it. A lot of people jump to switching out their chair thinking that will change everything. Your chair, in most cases is the least of your problems. So what’s causing all of that gri...
Published on July 12 2017