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Office furniture comes in many different shapes, styles and sizes. Whether you are shopping for a home office or business, you want to be sure you are buying a series that meets all of your needs, provides ample desktop space and adequate storage space to help keep your office clean and free of clutter. The office furniture you select should check all the boxes while also being ultra-durable so you don’t have to replace your furniture anytime soon. While you are on your journey, should you ever have any questions about products or the logistics of receiving your furniture, please do not hesitate to reach our to our team at (888) 831-1012.

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Modern office furniture is a unique style of furniture that is referred to as modern and used in the home office or business setting. The modern style was born in the 20th century and features clean lines, monochromatic color palette and natural tones. Many people confuse the word modern with contemporary however, the two are uniquely difference. When you think modern, you should think simple and minimal however the contemporary style is referred to as the "latest" trend in design. If the latest trend is modern, then the two would be the same.

Office furniture is generally made of laminate composite however can also be purchased with veneer, solid wood or glass. Worried a laminate desk might be too cheap? We have to let you know, that commercially constructed laminate desks hold up better than any other desk we have worked with. Commercial grade laminate furniture resists scratches and dents and is constructed with cam locks and corner brackets to insure fully locked edges for the lifetime of the furniture. Another positive side to purchasing a commercial grade laminate desk is that they are generally easy to move with a furniture dolly and do not have to be deconstructed when relocating them into new offices.

Some optional features and accessories you can add to your office furniture collection can include chairs and pedestal drawers on wheels, custom cabinet handles, electrical sockets and receptacles, acrylic and fabric privacy panel dividers, keyboard trays, articulating monitor arms, pencil drawers, locking drawers, cord and cable management solutions, custom grommet covers and privacy / modesty panels.

In general, buying matching office furniture well help to make a room look complete. If you purchase different finishes from different manufacturers you might be less happy with the result than if you had purchased a complete set from a single manufacturer.

Modern office furniture usually has sleek designs and were produced in the last year. Modern designs currently include furniture with silver desk legs, dark desktops, and white accent pieces. Office furniture companies develop new designs each year which they release during August and September. These are typically the most modern designs which will be deployed over the course of the following year.

Ergonomic office furniture can include the chair you sit in, the main desk unit and the height of the monitors in the workstation you are working at. People who work at a desk for 40+ hours a week should take ergonomics into consideration as sitting in a stationary position for long periods of time can cause stress on your body. To counter this, having a comfortable chair with many types of adjustments including seat depth, lumbar support, arm height and width are all very important. Using monitor risers or articulating arms can help insure that your head and neck are in a forward facing position and looking down. Lastly and the most important thing to consider in regards to ergonomics is investing in an electronic sit-stand desk. These desks are most beneficial to anyone who has a bad back, shoulder or neck pain. This can allow you to work part of the day standing and part of the day sitting. Custom presets can be programmed so you have multiple working heights allowing you some movement throughout the day. If you have neck, shoulder or back pain, we recommend that you call us to receive a quote on the proper ergonomic office furniture that can help to alleviate unnecessary muscle pain.

The easiest way to select office furniture is to visit local showrooms in your area. When you find a particular style that you like, ask who the manufacturer is and ask for a catalog for the manufacturer. To view more you can also visit their website as items on their website may be excluded from the printed catalog. Take that information to the room you are working in and visually lay out the room with tape measures to help you imagine your completed space. Be sure that the furniture you are buying is high quality, will not scratch or chip and has a 5 to 10 year warranty to protect from defect.

Buying office furniture can be complicated and is likely something where you are going to have to spend some time doing research. The size of your room, the amount of storage you need and the look of the furniture are all major factors to take into account when making your purchase. Take your time when buying furniture, shop around and make sure that furniture you buy will last more than a few years and will be something that can handle being dismantled and re-assembled should you have to relocate. Buying quality office furniture can be the difference to having a desk that lasts 30 years or a desk that will last less than 10 years. Talk to industry professionals and ensure your are buying from a quality vendor with stellar positive reviews.

Donating office furniture can be complicated because furniture is often bulky and hard to move. The donation can be seen as an obstacle for many charities so it is sometimes best to contact a liquidator instead. Most business liquidators are well equipped with all of the tools needed to remove and accept your office furniture without you having to move any of it on your own. Some liquidators may charge for this service and others may remove furniture for free. This varies greatly on market conditions but whether you complete office furniture removal through liquidation or donation will depend largely on the value of your furniture and logistics to have it removed from your space.