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Call Center Cubicles

Call center cubicles normally offer a small work space with sound dampening cubicle walls and a minimal amount of space and storage for each employee. Each workstation in most cases will have the bare essentials with room for a telephone, keyboard, mouse, computer monitor and a drawer to put items such as pens, pencils, paper clips and files.

Call Center Cubicles - SpaceMax
Call Center Cubicles - SpaceMax
Price: $730.00 - New
Price: $730.00
Condition: New
The SpaceMax call center cubicles are one of the fastest and most efficient workstations that can be installed into a call center. Great for telemarketing and other operations where space is at a premium, these desktops are made with commercial grade m...

If you are looking to maximize your space with call center cubicles, it is important to get full floor plans of your space made before making your purchase. The size and shape of each workstation with affect the total number of employees you can fit into a work space so some pre-planning will pay off in the long run.

Whatever your needs for call center cubicles we welcome you to call us for a free estimate and floor plans with the various types of call center workstations we have available; all of which are entirely modular and can be designed to match the exact needs of your business and it's floor plan.