Used Office Furniture

Cubicle Walls

Cubicle Walls and Office Partition Dividers are the perfect way to divide large rooms to create sound barriers and privacy between coworkers and staff. Cubicle wall dividers can be installed into any room with ease and additional accessories such as laminate desktops and storage cabinets can be installed as needed. The modern fabric wall paneling we have to offer can include frosted glass to allow ambient light into a work space as well as doors to close off sections of an office. Many options we have available can be shipped direct to your door in as little as 3 business days!

EXP Express Panel Systems Cubicle Wall Panel
The Express Panel Systems cubicle walls have metal-to-metal, industry standard, wedge block and draw rod connections. The raceways are plastic snap on and are approximately 5 inches tall. Panels are stocked in 39 inch, 53 inch, 67 inch and 67 inch glaz...

Glass Partition Walls - RSI Systems
Glass Partition Walls from RSI can be seamlessly integrated into their cubicle systems or installed into office spaces where a glass divider wall can create a sound barrier but still provide an open office environment with ambient light. Panels are ava...

Free Standing Office Partitions - SpaceMax
The SpaceMax Series Free Standing Office Partitions can be installed seamlessly into any office space. Available in 42 inch and 66 inch heights and a neutral Pewter Haze fabric with charcoal frame. The SpaceMax cubicle walls can also be installed seamlessly with new laminate desktops and storage cabinets to create private work spaces for staff and can also be integrated with existing office furniture.

Echo Cubicle Wall Panels
The Echo series cubicle wall panels are perfect for dividing office spaces. These can be used with or without laminate desktops and accessories that would normally be installed in a cubicle. Both powered and non-powered panels are available. Over 135 f...