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Standing Desk with Drawers- A Complete Workstation for the Modern Office

Adam StacksAdam Stacks
November 28th, 2023
~ 8 minute read

I am excited to announce that one of Madison Liquidators' longest standing brand partners- Harmony Collection has released new standing desk with drawers to our online marketplace! I feel like this is a seminal moment in the progression of ergonomic office furniture. After years, decades, and centuries even of office workers spending their lives hunched over a desk full time for careers, we are finding more and more health conscious options from top office furniture designers such as Harmony Collection. Let's dive right in and begin with the most basic question of all.

Standing Desk With Drawers

What is a Standing Desk with Drawers?

A standing desk with drawers is a spacious type of desk that combines the benefits of a standing desk with the added storage capacity of drawers. Standing desks are designed to allow individuals to work while standing, promoting better posture and potentially reducing some of the health risks associated with prolonged seated work. We will look at what I think is the best standing desk with drawers a little later.

The addition of drawers to a standing desk provides convenient storage space for office supplies, documents, personal items, or anything else that needs to be kept within reach while working. These drawers can vary in number, size, color, and configuration, offering users the ability to organize their workspace efficiently. The drawers are typically integrated into the desk structure of standing desks, either as built-in compartments or as detachable units.

Standing Desk With Drawers

Standing desks with drawers come in various materials, styles, and drawer sizes, catering to different preferences and space requirements. They offer a combination of ergonomic design, functionality, connectivity like a usb port, and storage convenience, making them popular choices in modern office setups or home office workspaces where both standing and storage needs are essential.

In short, they are a type of desk that are at a perfect height for a person that performs office work while standing or seated at an elevated stool or chair. The best standing desk with drawers is a fixed-height version of an adjustable standing desk. So, let's take a look at the differences between them.

Standing Desk With Drawers

What's the Differences Between a Standing Desk with Drawers and Sit-Stand Desks?

A standing desk with drawers and a height adjustable standing desk are both types of desks designed to offer ergonomic flexibility by allowing users to alternate between being seated and standing while working. However, there are differences between the two.

Standing Desk With Acrylic Panel

Primary Function

Standing Desk with Drawers

This type of desk primarily focuses on providing the benefits of standing desks while also offering built-in storage in the form of drawers or compartments underneath.

Sit-to-Stand Desk

Also known as an adjustable or height-adjustable desk, allows users to change the desk's height, enabling them to switch between being seated and standing positions during work. Of course, this style of desk can have a drawer system as well.

Standing Desk With Drawers


Standing Desk with Drawers

While these desks may have some height adjustment capable technology, their primary focus is on providing storage along with a sturdy option to work while standing. The default setting is a standing position for health benefits that you can't go wrong with.

Height adjustable Standing Desk

These desks are spacious and specifically designed to allow users to adjust the desk's height easily, enabling them be seated or to stand while working. They're often equipped with mechanisms (such as electric motors or crank handles) that facilitate smooth height adjustments.

Standing Desk With Acrylic Panel


Standing Desk with Drawers

These desks include drawers or storage compartments integrated into their design, offering space to organize office supplies, documents, or personal items conveniently. The drawer may be attached or mobile depending on the design.

Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Typically, these desks don't come with built-in drawers or storage compartments as their primary focus is on height adjustability devices. However, additional storage options like attachable drawer units or cabinets can be purchased separately and added to fit the desk.

Standing Desk With Acrylic Panel

Focus and Design

Standing Desk with Drawers

The emphasis here is on providing a combined solution of stand to work benefits and storage convenience, often with a fixed desk design. Typically made from engineered wood, or laminate, sometimes with glass accents, these standing desks are designed to be an efficient workstation.

Height Adjustable Standing Desks

These desks are specifically engineered to promote an ergonomic work environment by allowing users to change their working positions throughout the day. They are designed to accommodate various heights and preferences for both being seated and standing. Unlike standing desks, they are purposefully designed to change to the user’s preference throughout the day. Some are limited by their weight limits.

Standing Desk With Acrylic Panel

In summary, a standing desk with drawers emphasizes a combination of storage functionality and standing work benefits support, whereas a height adjustable standing desk primarily focuses on providing adjustable height options to change between sitting and standing positions for ergonomic reasons, often without built-in storage features. Both desktops provide plenty of space for monitors, keyboards, and a phone. I think the next question is clear.

How can a Standing Desk with Drawers Revolutionize Office Work?

The standing desk with drawers has brought about several significant changes in the way office work is approached, providing numerous benefits that contribute to improved health, productivity, and overall well-being for office workers. Here's how standing desks have revolutionized office work.

Standing Desk With Acrylic Panel

Health Benefits

Standing desks combat the negative effects of prolonged sitting, which is associated with various health issues like obesity, cardiovascular disease, and musculoskeletal problems. Standing while working can improve posture, reduce the risk of back and neck pain, kickstart weight loss, and increase overall movement and circulation. Many workers who choose to stand throughout the work day are surprised at the difference in the quality of life from such a small change in work duties.

Increased Energy and Focus

Many users report feeling more alert and focused while using standing desks. The change in posture that standing desks provide along with increased blood flow can help combat midday "slumps" and even improve concentration, leading to better productivity, with as little as twenty minutes of stand time throughout the work day leading to these changes.

Enhanced Productivity

Standing desks can contribute to increased productivity by promoting better physical comfort and reducing discomfort-related distractions. Employees who are more comfortable and pain-free are often able to focus more on their tasks. Also, modern amenities including a usb port could add to the productivity of the office worker. The drawers provide an adequate place to store office supplies at the desk.

Standing Desk With Acrylic Panel

Flexibility and Movement

The ability to change between being seated and standing throughout the day encourages movement, especially compared to a traditional wood desk. Alternating positions can prevent stiffness, boost circulation, and help employees maintain a more active and dynamic work routine.

Ergonomic Improvements

Ergonomically designed spacious standing desks can be adjusted to suit individual preferences and promote better alignment for users of various heights limits. This customization reduces strain on the body and minimizes the risk of developing repetitive strain injuries. All from just deciding to stand while working.

Employee Well-being and Satisfaction

Providing standing desks in the workplace demonstrates an employer's commitment to employee health and well-being. This can contribute to increased job satisfaction and employee morale.

Encouraging Collaboration and Interaction

Standing desks in office environments can facilitate more open communication and collaboration among colleagues. The ability to quickly adjust the desk's height encourages spontaneous discussions and idea-sharing with a short walk.

Standing Desk With Acrylic Panel

Adaptation to Modern Work Styles

With the rise of remote work and flexible work arrangements, standing desks offer employees the flexibility to create ergonomic workspaces at home or in shared office spaces, supporting different work styles and environments.

Long-Term Health Benefits

While immediate effects such as increased energy and focus are notable, the long-term benefits of using standing desks may include a reduced risk of chronic health issues associated with prolonged sitting.

Overall, standing desks will transform the traditional office setup by prioritizing employee health, safety, productivity, and comfort by offering a more dynamic and adaptable approach to the way people work. Instead of sitting to work, deciding to stand facilitates a major change from day one throughout the remainder of an office worker's career. So, let's take a detailed look at the Harmony Collection standing desks to see how they can change how you perform your work.

The Harmony Collection Standing Desk with Drawers

Harmony Collection dove right into the sleek, modern end of the design for these standing desks, which places them firmly within the renowned Elements Series. Possibly the most pertinent detail about the best standing desk available today, in my opinion, is that the standard height of the entire series is at 41" high. Every standing desk in the series comes in several sizes but if you look at any particular desk, the height will be standard. Harmony Collection has very much committed to creating a signature stand up desk with this series! They have thought of everything from desktop space to how you store office supplies.

Standing Desk With Acrylic Panel

The minimalist design of the aesthetically pleasing standing desk with drawers makes cable management simple. A computer on top of the laminate/wood desktop, with wires going all over from usb ports to monitors or keyboards with it all being easily organized.

Speaking of simple, upon delivery the standing desk with drawers will be easy to assemble. Simplistic in design, at its core, one side of the frame of the desk stands on top of the drawer pedestal, while the other side features a silver metal U leg frame.

Accessories that Complete the Best Standing Desk Configuration

There are two accessories that bundle together to make the standing desk with drawers a complete workstation. They both relate how to work from standing desks. Let's take a look at them.

Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Office Mat

Anti Fatigue Standing Desk Office Mat

You can have the best standing desk but without one of these remarkable anti-fatigue standing desk office mats, the user will feel a strain with prolonged standing. These mats are as valuable as a desk drawer! They will provide relief from standing most of the day. Do not discount the value of these mats that are perfect for any room or office that has a standing desk inside.

Stool Desk Chair with Arms

Stool Desk Chair With Arms

A perfect companion to standing desks. This bar height stool adjusts in a height range from 24" to 33" which partners with the height of standing desks perfectly. The height option allows users of standing desks to get some relief in periods between standing because let's face it, we can't stand all the time.

Multi-person Standing Desks with Drawers

Finally, I would like to look at the amazing option Harmony Collection has placed together multiple standing desks into one large office furniture piece. This is perfect for the open office concept or that group of co-workers who collaborate daily as a part of their job duties. Available in sizes from two co-workers up to eight people. Each desk has a drawer system so that each worker can store their office supplies. All of the benefits of the single person standing desks apply as they are a part of the same Elements Series.

2 Person Standing Desk Workstation
4 Person Standing Desk Workstation
6 Person Standing Desk Workstation
8 Person Standing Desk Workstation

Final Thoughts

If you are dedicated to the search for an alternative to the traditional office furniture why not pick the reliable Harmony Collection standing desk with drawers? After researching these amazing modern office designs, I truly believe that Harmony Collection has provided the best standing desk design for your money, going today. Don't forget to look for the drawer for the desk storage you need as well. If your business is ready to move to a deeper commitment to the health of the office worker and make a purchase, the give us a call to get the ball rolling to get set up with a standing desk with drawers configuration. Orders ship direct throughout the entire country. If you need help to decide any details, our customer support staff can assist with anything, give us a call at 888-831-1012 to order.

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Adam Stacks
About The Author

Adam Stacks, came to Madison Liquidators at the start of 2021 after several years of freelance writing for local newspapers, magazines, and websites. His passion for writing began at an early age by writing personal works of fiction. Since joining Madison Liquidators, he has dedicated himself to studying office furniture and relaying his insight to the consumer in hopes of helping them in their search for quality office furniture.

Adam Stacks

Adam Stacks, came to Madison Liquidators at the start of 2021 after several years of freelance writing for local newspapers, magazines, and websites. His passion for writing began at an early age by writing personal works of fiction. Since joining Madison Liquidators, he has dedicated himself to studying office furniture and relaying his insight to the consumer in hopes of helping them in their search for quality office furniture.