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What to know about Conference Tables with Power and Data Outlets

Nick NiesenBy Nick Niesen
~ 3 minute read
July 13th, 2017

Most conference tables do not come with power modules automatically installed. When working with your office furniture dealer you are going to want to ask them what options that have and generally you are going to want to pursue the easiest option that offers a finished look for your boardroom. Most connectivity boxes come with different power, data and media connectivity features so it will be important to get a list of your needs and select the power center module that will work best for your business.

Generally conference table electrical outlets are installed at the center of the conference table however on longer tables may be installed every 2-4 FT. In most cases power modules will have to be installed by having your table modified with a hole or insert cut directly into the table top. As long as your furniture dealer has past experience with this it should be no problem and will only add value to your table. If the company you are working with has no modification experience you can contact a general contractor or a third party installer to conduct the installation.

There is another great option outside of making physical modifications to your conference table however. If you are buying a brand new conference table the best solution is to buy a Harmony Collection table paired with a PLT-B Power Module where the connection box will insert directly into pre-cut grommets so no modifications or changes have to be made to your new table! To completely hide wires, explore their line of cube base conference tables.

When buying a power console for your boardroom you want to be sure to read over the product specifications carefully to be sure it offers everything you need for your meetings. This could include connecting a laptop to power and HDMI for presentations on a wall mounted television screen or power options for cell phones and other electronics.

Most connectivity boxes or hubs will provide you with:

  • 2 Power Outlets for plugging in Laptops and other Electronics
  • 2 Powered USB Ports for charging Cell Phones and Tables
  • An RJ45 Cat6 Ethernet Jack for data distribution and connecting to the businesses Local Area Network
  • A standard telephone jack in case you want to be able to take calls from a landline in your boardroom
  • An HDMI Port which you can use to connect to a TV or Monitor which is usually mounted on the wall at either end of your boardroom
  • Some data modules offer USB Data Ports which allow you to connect to printers and other USB devices that might be located in your conference room.
  • Most have some sort of outlet cover pre-installed which will allow you to hide outlets when the power ports are not in use. These might include a pop up power and data station or built-in covers that simply hide the outlets.

Always read over the product specs carefully and if you have any other questions you can ask your furniture dealer directly who might have an answer right away or need to get ahold of the manufacturer for some specific details.

Power and management inserts can be installed relatively easily into most wood, laminate or veneer conference tables, so if you need the connectivity, don’t be afraid to jump right in and get the work done! This sort of work only adds value to your table and will offer numerous conveniences that an unpowered conference table can’t provide.

As far as wire management is concerned, conference tables with hollow cube base or round legs work best however it is possible to pull off cable management on tables that don’t have legs to hide them. The best way is to get wire baskets, trays or troughs and run them down the length of the table to a leg where the cables can drop down inconspicuously.

We hope this information was useful for helping you get your conference table outlet figured out. As always, please like and share this article so others can find it! For all of your conference table needs we welcome you to browse the selection of conference tables on our site or at the Conference Table Company.

Nick Niesen
About The Author

Nick Niesen is a Co-Owner of Madison Liquidators and has a background in graphic design and programming. After having founded Madison Liquidators in 2015 with his wife Kelly Niesen he became passionate about the office furniture industry and took positions in all area's of the company including sales, deliveries and marketing and has since taken on a full-time role as lead developer.

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