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Boat Shaped Conference Tables

Boat shaped conference tables come in a number of different sizes including 6', 8', 10', 12' and more. This style table is popular in boardrooms and can work to give your space a high end appeal.

Boat Shaped Conference Table
Price: $285.00 - New
Price: $285.00
Condition: New
This boat shaped conference table by Harmony Collection would look great in any office environment. It features pre-installed grommets and is available in 5 different finish options. It can be ordered in 6 FT to 24 FT lengths and is backed by a 5-yea...

Modern Boat Shaped Conference Table and Mesh Back Chairs Set
Price: $2,615.00 - New
Price: $2,615.00
Condition: New
This modern conference table and chairs set by Harmony Collection features a white laminate top with pre-installed grommets and a contrasting laminate base. The boat shaped conference table pictured above comes standard with a white top and you can cus...