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Conference Table Power Outlets & Data Media Hubs

Conference Table Power Outlet and Data Connectivity Media Hubs can be easily installed into wood or laminate conference tables by using a drill and jigsaw to cut out a space at the center of your table to install module. In some cases the connectivity boxes may fit where pre-cut grommets have already been cut out of the table. The outlet modules provide data distribution and connectivity via Ethernet, HDMI to TV's or Monitors, USB and Telephone jacks. The powered electrical outlets can be used to power laptops or other electronics and built in powered USB ports can charge cell phones, tablets and other accessories that might be used in your conference room. Each power center media hub has it's own set of features and offers different types of connectivity, so check over the specs for information on each. Read More

PLT-B Power Conference Table Power Outlet & Data Port Connectivity Box
Price: $250.00 - New
Price: $250.00
Condition: New
The PLT-B Power Outlet connectivity box is available in silver or black and features 2 electrical power outlets, Ethernet network access, land-line telephone, HDMI and USB power outlets. Out top pick, this power and media hub is modular with Harmony Collection conference tables and can be installed without any modifications to the table. This module completely replaces an existing grommet to provide a power grommet with cable management to staff and clients who are attending meetings in your company's boardroom.

Conference Table Electrical Power Outlet and Data Port Module
Price: $210.00 - New
Price: $210.00
Condition: New
The EL-DEPL-L is a power, media and data connectivity box that can be installed into conference tables, computer desk desktops and other tables or workstations and provides easy access to electric power outlet receptacles, USB data and power ports, phone and Ethernet jacks for networking and data distribution. This hub includes a black pop-up cover that can be opened a closed based to give your table a clean finished look.

Black USB and Electrical Power Outlet Module
Price: $130.00 - New
Price: $130.00
Condition: New
The ELE-A017 offers a basic no frills design that can be installed into a conference table, desk or training table. It offers 2 powered electrical outlets to plug into and 2 powered USB ports for charging cell phones and other electronic devices. Perfect to install into business workstations or other areas that require a clean and simple cable management solution.

Conference Table Pop Up Box with Data, Media and Power Outlets
Price: $160.00 - New
Price: $160.00
Condition: New
A go-to power module with electrical and data outlets which can be installed into a conference table or desk. It offers a neat and clean designed where the power modules and data ports pop-up when ready for use and closes cleanly when not in use. A great option for power cable management!