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Dog Bone Desks

A dog bone desk offers a modern design and an elegant solution for seating up to 6 people at a single workstation. We have several types of dog bone workstation which include a standard desks and cubicle style workstations. Acrylic or frosted glass dividers add a level of privacy between each workstation.

Dog Bone Desk Workstation
Price: $3,540.00 - New
Price: $3,540.00
Condition: New
The dog bone desk is the perfect workstation for sitting 6 people who need to work in a collaborative environment. The dog bone desk is in the shape of a dogbone and it’s dimensions measure 16FT long, 9FT deep and 30 inches high. Available with a whi...

Dog Bone Desk
Price: $2,990.00 - New
Price: $2,990.00
Condition: New
This dog bone desk features acrylic privacy panels, metal legs and a laminate desktop which is available in a number of different finishes. This desk setup offers an affordable solution for providing work space for 4 to 6 people.

Dog Bone Workstation Desk
Price: $3,475.00 - New
Price: $3,475.00
Condition: New
This dog bone workstation is show in a Modern Walnut finish with silver legs and frosted acrylic privacy panels. This workstation is perfect for creating desk space for up to 6 people. Desktop finish and privacy panels come in several different colors ...

Dog Bone Cubicle
Price: $6,940.00 - New
Price: $6,940.00
Condition: New
This Echo Systems series dog bone cubicle seats up to 6 people and features re-manufactured Haworth cubicle panels to provide space between the workstations. Numerous color options for the privacy panels and desktops available.

Dog Bone Workstation
Price: $4,415.00 - New
Price: $4,415.00
Condition: New
This dog bone workstation has fabric privacy panels and rolling pedestal drawers. There are several desktop finishes available and the privacy panels come in your choice of blue, green, orange or frosted acrylic. Workstation as configured is perfect fo...


The dog bone workstations we have available can be purchased as seen directly on our website or with customizations which may include doing away with privacy panels to create a dog bone table or with your choice of desktop finish. Depending on your region, adding a set of matching chairs may help you qualify for free freight. Most items, unless back ordered ship out in approximately 3-5 days and arrive at your destination in flat boxes. If you have any questions, please contact our sales team to answer any questions and assist you with placing your order.