Used Office Furniture

Office Liquidation

If you have office furniture including desks, filing cabinets, chairs or cubicles, we can be your one stop source for removing these items from your office space in a quick and affordable fashion. Each liquidation is unique and because of this, the parameters of a liquidation will also be unique however the process is narrowed down into three distinct types of liquidations.

  1. If your desks, chairs, filing cabinets are like new and are high end you may receive a payment from us in order to purchase and remove these items.
  2. If your office furniture has value however is in excellent condition, it is likely that we will not be able to pay for the furniture however may be willing to remove the items at no cost.
  3. If your office furniture is good condition however dated, it is likely that we will be able to remove the items from your office space however there will be a fee.

Other factors and considerations that may affect the terms of your liquidation may include market supply and demand. If supplies are low and demand is high, it may make it more likely that you would receive a payment for used office furniture; however the opposite is also possible where if our facilities are full, we may not be able to liquidate your furniture or may charge a fee for otherwise sound furniture.

In order to get the ball rolling on an office liquidation please reach out to our staff. Having pictures and an inventory of your items ready will speed up the process and improve the likely-hood of us being able to fully liquidate your office.