Green Commitment
Each year we work to keep several hundred tons of sound and like new office furniture out of the landfill.

Green Commitment

At Madison Liquidators we are committed to offering environmentally friendly desking solutions and the opportunity to responsibly decommission outdated furniture without disposing of it in the landfill.

Our ability to provide sustainable desking includes offering remanufactured workstations and cubicles that are made from reconditioned materials and recycled fabrics and plastics. This practice allows you to install desk systems into your office that have been almost fully remanufactured from recycled materials that otherwise would have been thrown in the landfill. These desking solutions are incredibly attractive and create warm office atmospheres that are welcoming and inviting.

Along with this commitment to offer refurbished workstations we also provide the local community with decommissioned office furniture that in many cases would otherwise be sent to a landfill. These desks and furniture sets are stored in our warehouse at discount prices, providing a service to the community and allowing our customers to get great deals on lightly used desks.

Much of the furniture we sell is GreenGuard ® Certified and created with materials that have low chemical emissions which improves the quality of air around the area which the products are used.

In an effort to provide additional environmentally friendly options we also offer copies of all printed catalogs online for viewing at your computer, smartphone or tablet.