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Designing A Contemporary Breakroom with Modern Club Chairs - Published February 19 2019
Designing a comfortable and attractive breakroom for your employees or staff doesn’t have to be an impossible challenge. These spaces can help to recharge your employees when they need a break and offer a little down time that has an emphasis on comfort, and lets your employees know that you appreciate their time. Bright colors or modern furniture can go a long way to creating the perfect breakroom and choosing that furniture doesn&rsq...

Commercial Couches & Office Sofas For Great First Impressions - Published November 01 2017
Making a good first impression on customers and clients is tantamount to operating a successful growing business. If your reception area or waiting room is lacking in comfortable and attractive seating you may be missing some opportunities for doing business with clients who expect an clean area with class and comfort. Furnishing your waiting room or reception area with nice office furniture will consistently go a long way in helping you to r...

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