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L-Shaped Desks: Informational Resources

The following resources are provided to give you more information in reference to L-Shaped Desks.

Computer & Office T-Shaped Desks for Two People - Published August 09 2017
Creating an environment where two people can work together at a T shaped desk for collaboration doesn’t have to be complicated and simply put, by placing two L shaped desks together, you can create a T shape. Desks like this are great for team members and partners who work side-by-side frequently on projects and day to day tasks. T shape desks can be installed into home offices or businesses and can include privacy panels to create a sense o...

Creating Two or Four Person Workstation Pods with L Shaped Desks - Published July 14 2017
For most people an L-Shaped Desk is an ideal amount of space for paperwork, monitors, a laptop and other desk accessories. Because of this businesses frequently use L-Shaped desks to create desk pods or groups of workstations which can be put together to create a large U or T shape with two desks or a Plus shape with a pod of four desks. L shaped desks come in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes but by far the most popular for create multiple ...

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