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Modular Conference Tables

A modular conference room table will allow you to create any shape conference room table you need. These are mostly square and rectangular shape and can be connected with gang-plates or arranged in your boardroom in whatever layout you need. In the long term, a modular conference table system is usually the most practical solution to creating a productive meeting space.

PL Laminate Modular Cube Base Square Conference Table
Price: $335.00 - New
Price: $335.00
Condition: New
These tables feature cord management options with cube bases to hide any cabling. Each section is a 4FT x 4FT square and you can set as many as you need side by side to create a conference table in a number of different shapes and lengths. There are 6 ...

Flip Top Nesting & Folding Conference Meeting Tables
Stylish nesting meeting tables which can be used in a conference room and arranged to make Rectangular, Square, L Shaped, T Shaped and U shaped conference room meeting areas. The flip top allows you to fold the conference table into and store them in a...

Flextables Contemporary Meeting Tables
Flextables can be ordered in 5 different finishes and have options for T-Legs in Black or Post Legs which can be ordered in silver or black. These tables can be joined to make different shapes to create the meeting room or conference room table you nee...

Purchasing a Modular Conference Room Table

To purchase your conference table you can click to make your purchase directly through our website or call to speak with our sales team direct at (608) 831-1012. They can assist you with finding the right product and offer you solutions for your meeting space that you may not have considered. In most cases, conference tables and chair sets ship out in as little as 3-5 business days.