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Conference Table Electrical Power Outlet and Data Port Module

The EL-DEPL-L is a power, media and data connectivity box that can be installed into conference tables, desktops or other tables and workstations and provides easy access to power plug receptacles, USB power and data ports, phone and Ethernet.

Price: $210.00 $325.00


BrandExpress Office Furniture
Model NumberEL-DEPL-L


The EL-DEPL-L is relatively easy to install but requests some experience with a drill and jig saw where an existing conference table should be modified to complete the install. This connectivity box looks great after being installed and works will to help with wire management and offer the ease and convenience of plugging in directly to outlets on the table rather than in a wall which could be across the room and could trip someone or be a hazard for people walking by.

The outlet box closes when not in use to give your space a clean and finished look. The back end of the box allows you to connect phone, internet and USB cables for data distribution. A power cable comes pre-installed on the box and is 9FT in length with an angled plug. Requires a 4.125” x 8” hole for installation which can be done with a drill and jigsaw which should be done after receiving your power module and confirming how you would like it installed.


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