Conference Table Power Strip

This recessed conference table power strip can be mounted at the center of your conference table to provide power, phone and data connections in meetings. The flip top allows you to plug in up to three AC Powered devices, one USB powered device (such as a cell phone or tablet), connect one phone and have a hard cable connection the local network through an Ethernet connection.

Price: $250.00 $386.00


Model NumberFC-727


About The Manufacturer

The Jasper Desk Company, located in Indiana is a manufacturer of custom laminate, veneer and wood desks and tables. They have been hand crafting office furniture since 1889 and take pride in offer luxury furniture for offices and clientele that require furniture that makes bold and inspiring impressions on clients and staff. Jasper is not only committed to providing high quality American made products but also utilize sustainable practices during the manufacturing process in order to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

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