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Free Standing Office Partitions - SpaceMax

SpaceMax free standing office partitions and cubicle walls make for the perfect room divider and sound barrier in large and small offices. The EZLock connection system allows these modular partition panels to be installed in a snap. Lightweight and 2.24 inches thick with a charcoal aluminum frame and gray fabric covering. Freestanding feet sold separately.


BrandHarmony Collection
ColorGray, Silver
MaterialFabric, Metal

More About This Item

The SpaceMax cubicle wall panels can be integrated into an office with new laminate desktops and storage or wrapped around existing furniture with ease. By adding feet to the bottom of the panels these can be easily installed as freestanding office partitions that do not need to be attached to any walls or desktops.


SP422442" x 24" Cubicle Wall Partition1$130.00
SP423042" x 30" Cubicle Wall Partition1$130.00
SP423642" x 36" Cubicle Wall Partition1$160.00
SP424842" x 48" Cubicle Wall Partition1$195.00
SP426042" x 60" Cubicle Wall Partition1$220.00
SP662466" x 24" Cubicle Wall Partition1$165.00
SP663066" x 30" Cubicle Wall Partition1$180.00
SP663666" x 36" Cubicle Wall Partition1$200.00
SP664866" x 48" Cubicle Wall Partition1$255.00
SP666066" x 60" Cubicle Wall Partition1$275.00
SP666666" x 66" Cubicle Wall Partition1$295.00
SP667266" x 72" Cubicle Wall Partition1$325.00
SPG662466" x 24" Partial Acrylic Glass Panel1$190.00


SPBase-1Cubicle Wall Support Foot1$35.00
SP2-422 Way Corner Connector for 42" Panels1$30.00
SP2-662 Way Corner Connector for 66" Panels1$50.00
SP3-423 Way Corner Connector for 42" Panels1$40.00
SP3-663 Way Corner Connector for 66" Panels1$65.00
SP4-424 Way Corner Connector for 42" Panels1$40.00
SP4-664 Way Corner Connector for 66" Panels1$65.00
SPWM-42Wall Mount kit for 42" Panels1$35.00
SPWM-66Wall Mount Kit for 66" Panels1$50.00

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