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Powered Office L Shaped Cubicle Desk with Locking Drawers

Powered Office L Shaped Cubicle Desk with Locking Drawers

Express Panel Systems by Express Office Furniture offer a configurable and affordable solution for installing office cubicles that are configured to meet the needs of your space in terms of total occupant capacity, storage needs and work space. The panels come as both powered and non powered panels and the desktops are available in White and Modern Walnut.

Price:$4096.95 $6331.00


BrandExpress Office Furniture

Parts List

ImageQTYPart NumberDescriptionPriceTotal
2P-53X24 Non Power PanelPanel 5324 NON-Power, Aspen, Silver$140.00$280.00
5P-53X36 Non Power PanelPanel 5336 NON-Power, Aspen, Silver$200.00$1,000.00
2P-53X48 Power PanelPanel 5348 Power, Aspen, Silver$285.00$570.00
2P-Connector 53" 2 Way48" - 2 Way 90 degree connector$70.00$140.00
1P-Connector 53" 3 Way48" - 3 Way T Connector$84.50$84.50
3Kit-P-Connector 53" End Cap48" End Cap Kit End of Run$22.75$68.25
4P-Connector 53" Straight Kit48" - Straight Connector, Rod & Block Kit$11.05$44.20
2P-Elec 19 JumperElectrical, 19" Jumper for straight connections$30.00$60.00
1P-Elec 23 JumperElectrical 23" Jumper for 90, T and 4 way connections$30.00$30.00
1P-Elec Base Feed LElectrical, AO, Base Feed, 4 Circuit, 8 Wire$140.00$140.00
6P-Elec Duplex 1Receptacle Circuit 1 A$10.00$60.00
2P-Paper Flow Diagonal FolderFile folder holder Black Plastic$35.00$70.00
2P-Paper Flow Paper TrayPaper tray Black Plastic$20.00$40.00
2P-Paper Flow Toolbar 48"Toolbar 48" + mounting clip$45.00$90.00
2P-Pedestal 20"D BBFPedestal, Worksurface Support, 20"D BBF$225.00$450.00
2P-Pedestal 20"D FFPedestal, Worksurface Support, 20"D FF$225.00$450.00
2P-Shelf Set 36"WShelf Set , 36"W$65.00$130.00
2P-WS-4824G 48?24 Worksurface $75.00$150.00
2P-WS-7224G 72?24 Worksurface $100.00$200.00
1P-WS Corner Bracket L/R PairP-WS Corner Bracket L/R Pair$5.00$5.00
2P-WS-Cantilever LeftP-WS-Cantilever Left $10.00$20.00
1P-WS-Cantilever Left SharedP-WS-Cantilever Left Shared $15.00$15.00
Express Office Furniture

About The Manufacturer

Express Office Furniture specializes in manufacturing affordable desks and office furniture. The quality of the furniture exceeds anything you can buy in big box stores and will hold of to full-time use without any problems. The furniture is backed by a 5 year warranty and will meet or exceed your expectations when you receive it.

The furniture Express Office Furniture makes is constructed with high density commercial grade materials and laminate that resists defects. The furniture ships from one of several distribution centers in the mid-west and can usually be delivered to your door in as little a 3-10 days. The Express Office Furniture lines can be customized to meet the needs of your space. Not only can the look, style and finish be customized, but the dimensions of the desks and the amount of storage can also be ordered exactly how you need them.

When you are ready to order, please give us a call at (608) 831-1012 so we can make sure you receive the perfect desk!


We offer services for white glove delivery and assembly in the south central Wisconsin region. If you are outside of this zone the item can be shipped direct to your door via UPS Ground or freight depending on the size of the item. If you prefer to pick this up direct from our facility, just let us know. In most cases orders are processed in 1-3 business days and leave the facility in 3-5 business days. If you have any questions about purchasing just give us a call (608) 831-1012.


Express Office Furniture provides a 5 Year Limited Warranty on their products. For complete details click here.

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