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SpaceMax L-Shaped Cubicle Desk
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SpaceMax L-Shaped Cubicle Desk

The SpaceMax L-Shaped Cubicle Desk is an affordable line of cubicle workstations that can be installed in a modular fashion allowing you to add as much workspace as you need to your office for your staff. Cubicles can be purchased as pictured or customized to meet the exact needs of your space.

Price: $1735.00 $2663.00


BrandHarmony Collection
Parts ListSP6624, (4) SP6636, SPG6636, SPRC-3624, (2) SPRT-3624, SPCB-L-Canti-Brack-L, (2) SPCB-M-Canti-Brack-M, FS22-BBF, SPSH-36, SPOSB-SHELF
ColorGray, Silver
FeaturesBookshelf, Drawers, Grommets, Locking
TypeComputer, Cubicle, Workstation
MaterialFabric, Laminate, Steel

Parts List

ImageQTYPart NumberDescription
1SP662466" x 24" Cubicle Wall Partition
4SP663666" x 36" Cubicle Wall Partition
1SPG663666" x 30" Partial Acrylic Glass Panel
1SPRC-362424x36 Corner Work Surface
2SPRT-362436x24 Work Surface
1SPCB-L-Canti-Brack-LLeft Bracket with Screws
2SPCB-M-Canti-Brack-MMiddle Bracket with Screws
1FS22-BBFB/B/F Pedestal Drawers
1SPSH-3636" Laminate Shelf
1SPOSB-SHELFPair of Shelf Brackets
This desk can be customized based on size and storage needs. Call (608) 831-1012 to order!

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