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Stacking Chair Dolly Cart for B1400 Stackable Chairs

This stacking chair dolly cart on wheels, stackable chairs be stacked up to 16 high. This chair stacking trolley is compatible with the B1400 series stacking chair by Express Office Furniture.

Price: $65.00 $120.00


BrandExpress Office Furniture
SeriesB1400 Stacking Chair Series
Parts ListB1400-Dolly
FeaturesOn Wheels, Rolling, Stacking
TypeGuest, Meeting, Reception, Waiting Room

More About This Item

The B1400 Stacking Chair Trolley is compatible with the B1400 stacking chair series which can include optional ganging clips. The dolly has 4 casters or wheels that allow you to easily roll or move stacks of chairs up to 16 at a time. The dolly is black made with steel and metal that is guaranteed to last for many years.


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