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Madison Liquidators began as an office liquidation company. Over the years, we have grown to being one of the nation’s largest centers of new office furniture. But it was those humble beginnings that made us who we are today. Through those early trials, we began building our reputation as a customer driven company. These early days of office liquidation allowed us to build a foundation for the future. We have grown from an office liquidator localized around Madison, Wisconsin to selling the best quality office furniture all over the country.

We receive questions about office liquidation from time to time and thought we would take a moment to address some of the most common office liquidation questions. So, with this in mind, here are some of the most frequent questions we receive as an office liquidator.

What is office liquidation?

Office liquidation is the overall process of removing everything from an office space with a focus on the bulky office furniture that is so difficult to move. When called in office liquidators will enter the office space and begin breaking down all the office furniture such as desks, cubicles, and workstations. They will do so in a manner that saves the office furniture for a later resale. Once the furniture is out, the rest of the space will be cleaned to ensure a smooth transition to the next tenant of the office space.

The types of offices spaces that benefit from office liquidation is expansive. Attorney offices, insurance agents, accountants are all examples of offices that can use an office liquidator to help in a move or decommission. Not only these but places like private colleges, or a headquarter building can streamline their remodel or decommission with the use of a qualified office liquidator.

What happens to the liquidated office furniture?

Ownership of the office liquidation is given to the office liquidator at a predetermined price. This is a trade off that allows for spaces to be turned over in an expedited manner. If a lease is running out or a business is shutting its doors, they will no longer have need of the office furniture and will gladly turn it over to an office liquidator to ensure that all lease agreements and deadlines are met. Once in possession of the office furniture, the office liquidator will then sale it to a third party to stock their office.

What are the benefits of using an office liquidator?

Allowing professional office liquidation services is a huge benefit to many businesses, institutions, or organizations. One of the biggest benefits is time savings as we have already touched upon. But also, budgetary benefits include saving money on doing all the work yourself with providing workforce and self-storage of the old office furniture. By leaving the office liquidation to the professionals, you save time and money which allows you to focus on your business while in transition.

What can be liquidated?

Making an inventory list of everything that needs to be removed will help the move along the process. By giving the office liquidator a list of everything that needs to be removed or sold off, it allows them to beginning planning for the decommission. But what can be liquidated? All office furniture can be. Everything from desks, to chairs, to office storage can be a part of the office liquidation. Also, electronics such as computers, laptops, phones, fax machines, and printers can all be marked for office liquidation.

What is the timeframe of a decommission?

This varies from office to office however most liquidations can be completed in a number of days to a couple of weeks for larger liquidations. A professional office liquidator can provide an estimate early in the process and can actually commit more workforce in a crunch. Note- most decommissions are performed with a strict timetable due to factors such as a hard lease agreement ending necessitating a quick office liquidation.

What is left upon completion of a decommission?

Once the decommission is complete all inventoried items will be removed completing the office liquidation.

Final thoughts

An office liquidation is a big step that must be taken very seriously and often must happen in a rush. Choosing the right office liquidator will be the key component of a successful decommission. To find the right office liquidator, look for a company with a solid reputation in your local area. A company that has years of proven experience is always an excellent choice over an unproven start up. When it is time to decommission or remodel, provide an inventory list to the office liquidator, and allow them to lead you through the process for a smooth transition. This relationship will be the deciding factor in how the office liquidation is managed.

If you are in need of having your office furniture liquidated, please call (888) 831-1012, let us know where the furniture is located, how much needs to be liquidated, and your timeline and we will let you know if we can be of service.