T-Shaped Desks
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T-Shaped Desks

Perfect for in a home office or business, T shaped desks allow two people to work in an office together and collaborate on projects. These computer desks are usually make up of two L shaped desks that include main desk shells, a return on each, privacy panels (which may be acrylic, glass, fabric or a magnetic whiteboard) and adequate storage for each person. In most cases storage options include desk drawers, a hutch and possibly a storage cabinet or wardrobe closet. These are high end desks priced affordably and normally arrive 3-5 days after being ordered.

2 Person T Shaped Desk with Divider and Bookcases
Price: $3,860.00 - New
Price: $3,860.00
Condition: New
This large executive 2 person T shaped desk includes divider panels, curved bookcases, keyboard tray and drawers for storing paperwork and other desk accessories.

2 Person T Shaped Execute Desk with Hutch and Bookcases
Price: $3,525.00 - New
Price: $3,525.00
Condition: New
This two person T shaped executive desk offers ample storage and comes in a number of different finishes including cherry, espresso, modern walnut and more. This desk offers two curved corner bookcases, hutch, storage towers, drawers and wardrobe for s...

Modern T Shaped Home Office Desk for Two People
Price: $2,675.00 - New
Price: $2,675.00
Condition: New
This modern T shaped desk is great for home offices or businesses. The modular desk for two people offers an acrylic divider and ample storage with hanging cabinets and white metal drawers.

T Shaped Dual Desk for Two People with Dividers and Drawers
Price: $2,380.00 - New
Price: $2,380.00
Condition: New
This T shaped desk includes drawers and fabric privacy dividers. The main desk and return can be ordered in a dimension that meets your space, most commonly in 72 or 60 inch lengths. This is a great desk for two people!

Modern T-Shaped Desk with White Drawers and Silver V-Legs
Price: $1,410.00 - New
Price: $1,410.00
Condition: New
This modern T shaped desk can be customized to meet the needs of your space with a desktop and return to the exact size you need. Additional drawers and storage can be added as needed.

Contemporary 2 Person T Shape Desk with Glass Accent Storage Cabinets
Price: $2,980.00 - New
Price: $2,980.00
Condition: New
This T shape two person desk has modern silver legs, matching silver drawers, acrylic divider panel and wall-mount overhead storage cabinets with frosted glass accent doors.

6 Person Conference T Shape Desk with Mobile Storage Drawers
Price: $1,640.00 - New
Price: $1,640.00
Condition: New
This modern T shape desk with mobile storage drawers is great for having meetings or conferences with clients or co-workers. It's open design lends a breath of fresh air to any contemporary office space.

Modern T Shape Desk for Two People with Guest Seating
Price: $1,580.00 - New
Price: $1,580.00
Condition: New
This modern T shape desk is perfect for two people and can seat up to 4 guests. The modern square leg design lends an open look to your office space and provides storage with mobile laminate drawers.

T Shaped Office Desk

These office and computer desks are perfect for two people who want to work collaboratively on projects and other tasks. These can be customized to meet your specific needs as small t shaped office desks for in a home or large executive desks for in a business. The dimensions of your desk are entirely up to you but most commonly each side of these desks are either 72 or 60 inches long.

To build a custom T shape desk isn’t overly complicated. In most cases two L shaped desks are used, put together back to back and a privacy panel is installed between the workstations to offer a personalized work space.

The T shape or dual double desk setup is most common when people work as partners in an office space or even in a home office. A combo like this can be purchased in kits with the main desk, storage options including bookcases, lateral filing cabinets, and a storage hutch on each in order to give your room a finished look and to keep clutter off your desktop.

A double desk can be customized with a space for meeting or a conference between the desk or have privacy dividers between the desks, which ever best suits your needs. The easiest way to DIY a T shaped desk is to purchase two L shaped desks and put them together. It is also possible to secure blueprints and ideas for a T shaped desk online but after everything is said and done, buying a new custom desk set can be the fastest and most affordable option. This also gives you the opportunity to choose matching office furniture and create an desk suite that will last for many years down the road.