Haworth Cubicle Desk Workstations

We have a set of 12 Haworth Cubicle Workstations that can be configured to meet the needs of your office space. Powered panels are available at an additional cost. Choose your desktop, walls and storage. The system can be picked up, delivered or delivered and installed as needed. Great shape and tons of storage available including overhead cabinets, lateral filing drawers, slat wall organizers and standard desk drawers!


ConditionUsed - Excellent Condition
This item is first come first served and can be picked up during open hours from 10AM-6PM Mon-Th and 10AM-4PM Fri-Sat. Delivery options are available. To pay for this item over the phone or make a deposit give us a call at (608) 831-1012.

More About This Item

These cubicles are in excellent shape and can be configured in a number of different layouts. Please contact our designers to have them setup a floor plan for your office space.

Prices are as follows:

Lateral Filing Cabinets $140.00
B/B/F Drawers $70.00
B/B Drawers $70.00
42" Overhead Cabinet $40.00
60" Overhead Shelf $25.00
42" Overhead Shelf $20.00
36" Overhead Shelf $15.00
Slatwall Organizer $25.00
78x23 Desktop $25.00
42x23 Desktop $15.00
36x23 Desktop $15.00
60x23 Desktop $20.00
41x41 Desktop $25.00
54x23 Desktop $20.00
66x23 Desktop $20.00
24x23 Desktop $15.00
36x68 Panel $55.00
42x68 Panel $65.00
24x68 Panel $40.00
60x68 Panel $75.00
18x68 Panel $35.00
30x68 Panel $55.00
12x68 Panel $35.00
48x68 Panel w/ Glass Window $90.00
42x30 Panel $40.00
36x30 Panel $45.00
24x30 Panel $25.00
30x30 Panel $35.00

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