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HON Initiate Desk Cubicle Privacy Panels

We have a large inventory of HON Initiate desk and cubicle privacy panels that you can use to create inexpensive sound barriers in offices and work spaces. These panels range from 24x55 to 60x68 and vary in price depending on the size of the panel.



ConditionUsed - Excellent Condition


These cubicle wall panels are in excellent shape. You can make long sound barriers for office spaces or use them as dividers between desks. A number of different sizes available.

Current available sizes and price per panel:

24x55 - $30.00
30x55 - $40.00
36x55 - $50.00
24x68 - $40.00
36x68 - $60.00
48x68 - $65.00
60x68 - $90.00


This item is first come first served and available for pickup during open hours from 9AM-5PM Mon-Th and 10AM-4PM Fri-Sat. Delivery options are available. To pay for this item over the phone or make a deposit give us a call at (608) 831-1012.

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