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8FT x 4FT Dry Erase Whiteboards
7 Available - Price: $100.00 - Used (Excellent Condition)
Price: $100.00
Condition: Used (Excellent) - 7 Available
These dry erase whiteboards measure 96Lx48W and are in excellent condition. Some are magnetic, some are not so please check ahead!

SmartBoard 65x49 Interactive Dry Erase Whiteboard
Price: $120.00 - Used (Excellent Condition)
Price: $120.00
Condition: Used (Excellent)
We have a SmartBoard Dry Erase Whiteboard from a recent office liquidation. It measures 65x49 and is in excellent condition. Sells for $350 on eBay, the whiteboard electronics have not been tested and should be assumed to be not working. We have th...

SmartBoard SB685 Interactive Whiteboard
9 Available - Price: $300.00 - Used (Excellent Condition)
Price: $300.00
Condition: Used (Excellent) - 9 Available
With a SmartBoard SB685 interactive whiteboard you can display your desktop on an interactive surface. You will be able to write, erase and perform mouse functions directly on the screen via touch. These SmartBoard interactive whiteboards measure 76L...

Magnetic White Board on Wheels with Stand
Price: $300.00 - New
Price: $300.00
Condition: New
This mobile magnetic whiteboard on wheels features a light gray tack board on the backside and convenient shelf below. Overall it measures 71" x 31". The entire frames sits on four durable casters for easy mobility!