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Desk Pods

Desk pods are the perfect solution for businesses wanting to make a modern commercial collaborative workstation or desk. Desks in the pod can be separated by dividers or acrylic, glass or fabric panels which allows staff to have some level of privacy along with the opportunity to work as a team. These workstations can be ordered with additional locking drawers and storage as needed and in a number of different configurations to make the most out of your space. Typical finishes include white, gray, dark walnut, modern walnut, cherry, mahogany and more.

Corner Desks, Cubicles, Desk Accessories, Desk Risers, L-Shaped Desks, Reception Desks, Sit Stand Desks, U-Shaped Desks, Writing Desks

Lair Series Modular Desk Office Workstations
The Lair Series workstations are modern and can be ordered in Walnut, White, Espresso or Gray Tiger Stripe finishes. The modular workstations can be ordered to tailor to your needs as far as dimensions and storage requirements. Whether you are ordering...

Engage Series Collaboration Workstation Desk System
The Engage Series workstation desking system is great for grouping employees in a collaborative environment or in call centers. The separation panels offer privacy however can still be configured to allow employees to easily communicate with each other...

Chassis 4-Person Desk Workstation Pod
Price: $4,255.00 - New
Price:x $4,255.00
Condition: New
The Chassis Series Workstation is great for call centers or areas where employees can collaborate on projects. These desks offer a lot of storage and have a modern look that will keep moral high while also impressing customers and clients.

Dogbone Workstation with Glass Privacy Panels
Price: $3,350.00 - New
Price:x $3,350.00
Condition: New
This dogbone workstation can be setup for 3-6 people and comes at an affordable price. Optional drawers can be added to the unit for filing and storage. The dogbone workstation allows staff to collaborate on projects and work as individuals or teams on...