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Dog Bone Desk Workstation

The dog bone shaped desk is the perfect workstation for sitting 6 people who need to work in a collaborative environment. The dog bone desk is in the shape of a dogbone and it’s dimensions measure 16FT long, 9FT deep and 30 inches high. Available with a white top, silver legs and optional pedestal drawers and frosted glass privacy panels.

Price: $3540.00 $5400.00


A dog bone office desk a great solution to maximize the amount of space in your office and to group teams of employees or staff together as they collaborate on projects. The dog bone workstation is in two separate pieces so the desks can be utilized to sit 3 or 6 people depending on how you choose to layout your space. Additional dog bone desks can be installed in the room and connected at the ends to create large working environments.

The dog bone desk can be configured in an office so that groups of people can work collaboratively on projects. These desks include a 5 year warranty to resist manufacturing defects and are relatively easy to assemble. In larger rooms it is recommeneded to install cubicle wall dividers or free standing office partitions to create a sound barrier to keep reduce noise levels and to help separate staff members into collaborative teams.


BrandExpress Office Furniture
Model NumberDog Bone Workstation
StyleBusiness, Modern
Parts List(2) L-120-Leg-4848-S, (6) L-120-Top-4848-W, (6) KIT-ELD-GF1246, (12) ELD-B-Center
FeaturesDivider, Grommets
TypeDesk Pod, Modular, Workstation
MaterialAluminum, Laminate, Metal
Capacity3 Person, 6 Person

Parts List

ImageQTYPart NumberDescription
2L-120-Leg-4848-SLeg Frame
6L-120-Top-4848-WDesk Top
6KIT-ELD-GF124612" X 46" Glass Panel
12ELD-B-CenterGlass Divider Mounting Bracket
This desk can be customized based on size and storage needs. Call (608) 831-1012 to order!


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