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9 Gaming Desk Setup Ideas that Elevate Your Gaming Arena

Terra SandersTerra Sanders
October 23rd, 2023
~ 12 minute read

When you begin gaming, you enter a fantasy realm where you have power, situations are life or death and you can even personalize the world you live in. IRL however, only some of those things hold true.

Take for instance power. You have some, but probably not the building cities, conquering battlefields kind of power. How about the power to personalize the world you live in? We all have that power.

If you've turned off a game and have been quickly snapped back into reality by your aching neck and back, floor pillow laptop configuration, or current lackluster gaming desk setup, there's something you can do about it.

Let's take a look at nine gaming desk setup ideas that will elevate your gaming setup from newbie to pro gamer proportions.

1. Black-and-White Gaming Setup

Having a black-and-white gaming space is great for a few reasons. Firstly, it doesn’t distract with loud LEDs and colors. Your primary focus is on the game, which is exciting enough on its own, without your attention being rivaled by your surroundings.

Secondly, it's a great way to help a gaming space fit into another room, almost unnoticed. If you don't have a dedicated gaming room and have instead commandeered part of your bedroom or a place in the living room, the white and black gaming desk setup helps it not to take up too much visual space from whatever the style is of the room. Let's face it, some people would prefer your gaming setup out-of-sight-out of mind. Having something not so jarring visually seems like a reasonable compromise.

Thirdly, simplicity. White and black just make everything seem cleaner, neater, and more well-put together.

black gaming area
black and white gaming room
wall art gaming room

To create a black-and-white gaming desk setup at home, follow these steps:

1. Choose a black or white desk.

This is the foundation of your setup, so make sure to choose a desk that is the right size and style for your needs.

2. Add a black or white gaming chair.

Look for a chair with adjustable height, backrest, and armrests.

3. Place your monitor(s) on the desk.

If you have multiple monitors, use a monitor mount to keep your desk tidy.

4. Add your computer and peripherals.

This includes your CPU tower, keyboard, mouse, and headset.

5. Add some black and white accessories.

This could include a desk mat, mouse pad, headphone stand, or even a few black and white figurines.

With a little planning and effort, you can easily create a black-and-white gaming desk setup that is both stylish and functional.

2. L-Shaped Gaming Desk Setup

Probably one of the best options out there, the L-shaped gaming desk generally provides the most amount of desk space with the best space-maximizing shape and configuration.

The L-shaped gaming desk provides essentially double the amount of space. One side of the desk space can have multiple monitors, a keyboard, and speakers, while the other side can be used for either the PC tower itself, or other monitors, as well as storage for special tools and controllers.

Your gaming space actually having space can contribute to how well you play, but the design of an L-shaped gaming desk fitting perfectly against a wall ensures space isn’t being taken from other areas.

If you really wanted to take this up a notch, adding a mini-fridge or a snack station on the extra space you have or another gaming console or setup would elevate things, real quick.

ergonomic chair and warm lighting gaming setup
l shaped desk for gaming
l shaped desk for gaming with ample space

To maximize an L-shaped gaming desk, follow these tips:

Use both sides of the desk.

  • L-shaped desks offer a lot of surface area, so make sure to use both sides to your advantage. Place your monitor(s) on one side and your computer and peripherals on the other side.

Use a monitor mount.

  • Monitor mounts allow you to position your monitors at the ideal height and distance, which can help to reduce neck and eye strain.

Add storage.

  • Take advantage of this storage space to keep your desk clutter-free and your belongings organized.

Add a personal touch.

  • Add some personal touches to your desk setup to make it inviting and unique.

Add a footrest.

  • A footrest can help to improve your posture and reduce discomfort during long gaming sessions.

Use a headset stand.

  • A headset stand is a great way to keep your headset organized and off of your desk.

You can easily maximize your L-shaped gaming desk and create a setup that fits your needs.

3. Floating Desk Gaming Setup

The floating gaming desk is another one of the out-of-the-way options that helps to maximize space. A floating desk follows the same principles as floating shelves. It is attached to the wall and has absolutely no legs underneath. This helps to free up floor area, utilize an otherwise unused space (walls), and ultimately help the room to feel bigger.

Going with this gaming setup elevates your space to a classier feel. You took the time to install the desk and storage you need on the walls, arranging it in a way that makes it symmetrical with other wall decor.

If you're in a small apartment or house, the floating desk can be a simple DIY to upgrade your gaming setup.

Floating shelf gaming desk setup
gaming setup with floating shelf and LED lights
L shaped gaming desk
floating desk gaming setup

Five steps to create a floating gaming desk setup

Once you have your materials, follow these steps:

1. Choose a location for your desk.

Make sure that the wall is strong enough to support the weight of the desk and all of your equipment. Floating desks can be mounted at the ideal height for you.

2. Mark the holes for the mounting hardware on the wall.

Use a level to ensure that the holes are drilled evenly.

3. Drill the holes and install the mounting hardware.

Get assistance or consult a professional as needed.

4. Attach the desk to the mounting hardware.

5. Place your monitor(s), computer, and peripherals on the desk.

If you want to keep your floor space open for other activities, improve ergonomics, increase flexibility, and go for a modern look, floating gaming desks offer a huge advantage.

4. Gaming Setup with LED Lights

If you've been attracted by any gaming articles in the past, chances are they drew you in with their glowing pictures of gaming desks with LED lights underneath and a chair to match. Well it’s for good reason.

The LED gaming setup looks really cool.

For gamers, the environment for getting in the frame of mind is just as important as an office worker having a setup that supports their productivity. We all love personalized spaces. They influence the mood we have when we need to get something done. Having a movie room without the right seating, projector or even snacks has a huge impact on how you enjoy the movie. As such with gaming.

LEDs have the power to elevate your gaming setup by creating the right mood. You dim the lights, turn on the red, blue, or pink LEDs and you know it’s time.

This is perfect for the gamers who have their own dedicated space, or live-streamers who want to present a certain look.

There are certainly plenty of LED gaming desk options, but if it’s not in your realm to make that kind of purchase, LED strip lights can offer the same effect.

LED gaming setup with headphone hook
Blue LED gaming setup with gaming chair
Red LED desk for gaming sessions
Blue LED gaming setup with l shaped gaming desk for gaming sessions

Here are some additional tips for creating your own LED gaming desk setup:

Use different colors of LED lights.

  • You can use different colors of LED lights to create a unique and eye-catching setup.

Use LED light strips.

  • You can attach LED light strips to the underside of your desk, the back of your monitor, or even around the perimeter of your room.

Use a smart LED controller.

  • A smart LED controller allows you to control your LED lights using your smartphone or tablet.

There are many different types of LED lights available, so you can choose the ones that best suit your needs.

5. Greenery Gaming Desk Setup

This may seem a little unconventional but stick with me. If you're someone who likes the outdoors, and greenery and want to bring a bit of that inside, adding it to your gaming desk is a simple way to do just that.

Alternatively. If you're not super into the "plant parent" thing, this idea is still for you. Here’s why.

Your gaming station, game room, whatever it may be, is where you will spend a lot of time. And because of this, there are so many benefits to having plants by your side, while you're inside.

Aesthetically, plants easily transform a space when added as an accessory or decor. It's such a simple way to elevate things.

Also, air quality and stress. Plants can positively affect both of those, firstly by helping to keep the air clean and secondly, by helping to reduce stress. Tell me you haven’t been stressed as a gamer and I'll tell you you're not a gamer.

, Of course, none of those things are instant remedies to stress and air quality, but to improve the feel of your space, tie it into other spaces in the house or the rest of the room, carefully placed plants can do that.

good gaming desk setup with plants
good gaming desk setup with plants and floating shelf
good gaming desk setup with L shaped gaming desk and plant wall
gaming desk with greenery

There are many different types of plants that you can use for a green gaming desk setup

Here are a few ideas:

Snake plant:

  • Snake plants are low-maintenance and can thrive in low-light conditions, making them perfect for gaming setups.

ZZ plant:

  • ZZ plants are another low-maintenance option that can thrive in low-light conditions.


  • Pothos is a versatile plant that is also relatively easy to care for, for beginners.

Spider plant:

  • Spider plants are known for their air-purifying properties.

Air plants:

  • Air plants absorb water and nutrients from the air, making them a good choice for desk setups.

In addition to these, you can also use any type of plant that you like, as long as it can thrive in the conditions in your room. They will add a touch of life and greenery to your gaming setup.

6. Warm Wood Minimalist Desk Setup

If you're a bit more laid back and traditional, as in, "Yeah I need a gaming desk, but it doesn't need to look like a gaming desk," the warm wood minimalist gaming desk setup is a great start.

This is a no-fuss way to have simplicity in your gaming. A traditional desk finished with oak, walnut, or even cherry, helps to calm the game room, almost in a way that seems office-like.

Adding your PC, necessary controllers, consoles, and stored items, then wrapping all the cords up with a hidden wire management system will make this an incognito setup.

You don’t have to go all big and bad with your gaming room. Having a home office desk by day and a PC gaming setup by night that prioritizes organization, clean lines, and color simplicity is what makes this the casual option.

warm wood gaming desk setup
small warm wood gaming desk setup
warm wood gaming desk setup with gaming chair and storage space
small wood gaming desk

Warm wood gaming desk setups are a popular choice for gamers because they offer a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The warm tones of the wood can help to reduce stress and create a relaxing gaming experience.

Here are some specific style ideas for a warm wood gaming desk setup:


  • For a minimalist look, choose furniture and accessories in neutral colors.


  • For a rustic look, choose furniture and accessories made from natural materials, such as wood and stone.


  • For an industrial look, choose furniture and accessories made from metal and concrete. You can also add a touch of warmth with Edison bulbs and exposed brick walls.

No matter what style you choose, a warm wood gaming desk setup is a great way to create a cozy and inviting space for gaming.

7. Minimalistic Gaming PC Desk Setup

Similar to the previous, but not set on any particular material or color, is a minimalist gaming PC setup. Sometimes elevating things can actually mean taking something away.

If you're a naturally cluttered person (maybe even a gaming slob?), one who has snacks and wires everywhere, with broken or cheap equipment lying around that you never use, try elevating your space with organization.

Get a desk that has exactly what you need and nothing more (the definition of minimalism). If you need a desk with a keyboard tray and monitor arms for the PC screens to sit on, get that. Not the one that offers 3 extra drawers, rolls, and folds up at night.

Less, a lot of times, is in fact more.

Despite popular belief, sometimes clutter can be a mode for creativity, but in reality, it usually just leaves us feeling stressed, depressed, and moody - hopefully the opposite of why you game.

minimalist gaming desk with gaming pc
black minimalist gaming desk with gaming pc
double shelf minimalist gaming desk with gaming monitor
minimalist red LED lights gaming desk with chair

To go to a minimalist gaming desk setup, you will need to focus on the essentials.

Here are some tips:

Remove any unnecessary items from your desk.

  • This could include things like pens, pencils, papers, snacks, and drinks. If you don’t need it to game, get it off your desk.

Use a wireless keyboard and mouse.

  • Wireless peripherals get rid of the need for cables, which can help to create a cleaner and more minimalist look for your desk.

Choose a neutral color scheme.

  • A neutral color scheme, such as white, black, or gray, can help to create a clean and minimalist look for your setup.

Add a few personal touches.

  • Even though you're going for a minimalist look, you can still add a photo, artwork, or figurine. Just be careful not to overdo it.

8. Corner Desk Setup

Corners have always presented the greatest waste of space in the modern home and office, but they're a necessary evil. Round houses would waste more space. But luckily there's a modern solution for that corner of the room where you keep the chair with dirty clothes on it. The corner gaming desk setup.

If you're looking to get your PC off the living room floor or to find something better than gaming on your lap pillow, get the corner desk.

Corner desks are shaped to fit snugly into any corner area of a room or office. They take an otherwise unusable space and make it fully functional. Your gaming station can have the storage it needs, the desktop space you want for all of your equipment, and may even sit near a window.

It could be that elevating your gaming desk setup may just be to have one in the first place.

Corner L shaped gaming desk with headphone hook
Corner gaming desk with gaming accessories
Corner gaming desk with dual monitors and gaming accessories

Here are 5 corner gaming desk decorating tips:

1. Use a color scheme that you love.

2. Add some personal touches.

3. Use lighting to create a mood.

4. Keep your desk clutter-free.

5. Add some greenery.

Decorate your corner gaming desk in a way that is both stylish and functional.

9. Standing Gaming Desk Setup

To the health-conscious gamer, I applaud you. Not sure how many of you are out there, but there needs to be more.

Not to knock on anyone what wants to sit, but elevating your space isn’t only flashing lights or more drawers, but for your health as well.

Reduced back and neck pain, better circulation, and even better brain function sounds like a good deal. Especially when the alternative (and more common way of gaming) produces the exact opposite result.

With any hobby, sport, or activity feeling your best and enjoying it at the same time is a priority. The perfect standing gaming desk will allow you to sit when desired, and to adjust as needed without having to shut down completely for a good stretch.

The ability to stand is probably the truest elevation of your gaming setup.

Two-person standing desks for gaming
Standing desk for gaming with three monitors
standing desk for gaming with monitor stand
standing desk for gaming with multiple screens

Standing can improve alertness, focus, and creativity which can be beneficial for gamers who need to be able to game for long periods.

Here are some tips for choosing and using a standing gaming desk:

- Choose a desk that is the right size for your needs.

- Choose an adjustable desk, if possible. This will give you the flexibility to sit or stand throughout the day.

- Make sure that the desk is sturdy enough to support your weight and gaming setup.

- Start by standing for short periods and gradually increase the amount of time you stand.

- Take breaks to sit down and move around, especially if you start to feel discomfort.

You can easily incorporate a standing gaming desk into your gaming routine and reap the many benefits it has to offer.

How to Create the Ultimate Gaming Setup

Taking into account the fact that there are nine (and probably wayyy more) ways to take your gaming room, from Sonic the pixelated version to the animated movie version, and all in an effort that addresses your style and goals, may be a bit overwhelming. So here are some quick tips for creating the ultimate gaming setup.

Solve for X -

  1. Whatever your current problems are with gaming, getting the equipment and furniture pieces necessary to alleviate those problems are what you should tackle first. Small apartment? Try a floating or corner desk. Not enough room for your supplies, L-shaped gaming desk. Tired of getting up with back and neck pain? Standing desk, gaming chair, and monitor arms.

    I want to feel like ____-

  2. When you game, do you need to be in a Tron-like setting or something open and airy? Do you want the organized, blends-in-well-with-the-rest-of-the-house kind of space or the dedicated, "Do Not Enter" immersive gaming experience? Are you concerned with whether or not the decor and figurines help make the space feel as intended or should it have a day vs night purpose? Knowing what kind of effect you want your gaming environment to have on you will guide you to the ultimate setup.

    This is so cool -

  3. What would make you share pictures of your gaming station? What products, decor, action figures, and gaming accessories have you seen that made you say I need that in my game room? What does the rest of your squad have that you've been meaning to get? Because when it all comes down to it, the ultimate gaming setup is directly tied to whatever you think might be cool. If I say LED lights are cool they are THE ultimate desk setup, and to you they're childish, then it isn’t the ultimate setup.

    Imagine your dream gaming space, what does it have? What does it need? What makes it cool to you?

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Terra Sanders
About The Author

Terra Sanders, the newest addition to the Madison Liquidators team, uses her background in digital marketing, content strategy and SEO to craft thoughtful and engaging articles. She writes in a way that appeals to customers through interesting information that can help them on their office furniture buying journey.

Terra Sanders

Terra Sanders, the newest addition to the Madison Liquidators team, uses her background in digital marketing, content strategy and SEO to craft thoughtful and engaging articles. She writes in a way that appeals to customers through interesting information that can help them on their office furniture buying journey.