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Choosing the Right Conference Room Furniture

Adam StacksBy Adam Stacks
~ 5 minute read
August 17th, 2022

At Madison Liquidators, when it comes to furnishing conference room take it in six steps. We begin at the centerpiece, the conference table and work outwards. This process ensures that a cohesive style is maintained throughout the workspace. It also allows you to plan for every aspect while just focusing on each furniture piece at a time. It’s a simple process that yields great results for our clients.

When most clients reach out to us about furnishing an entire conference room, they are overwhelmed with a million thoughts in their head. Some are concerned about matching office furniture; others are afraid they will forget a key item or end up with a bad set up. It is in these moments that we pride ourselves on our customer service. We have a sales team that is involved in the entire process from conception to installation.

We have assisted clients with budgeting, office layouts and floor planning through AutoCAD drawings of their conference room space. We match styles and colors daily. We assist with shipping and assembly when needed. Madison Liquidators can be as hands on or as hands off as you us to be. You decide our level of involvement in your search. When it is all said and done, we hope that you have the perfect conference room for your business.

Like I said at the beginning, we look at the conference room in six parts. First, we focus on the conference table, that establishes the space. Next is conference room chairs, which is the other side of the focal point. Then we look at filling out the room with storage cabinets. Then we turn our attention to bookshelves, then a whiteboard. Finally, we look at the possibility of adding a tv screen for multimedia and laptop presentations. Not everyone will require everything on the list, some will. This guide will touch upon each and the benefits that they bring to the table. So, let’s begin.

#1- Choose your Conference Table

Boat Shaped Conference Table

The centerpiece of every conference room. Conference tables are fairly easy to choose despite the fact that they come in several shapes and sizes. What are the shapes? There is round, square, rectangular, boat shaped, and racetrack. Selecting the shape is usually the biggest task. Round, square, and rectangular are all self-explanatory but those other two? What are they? A boat shaped conference table is a rectangular conference table that flares out along the long sides. This allows all the people that are sitting to see each other throughout the meeting. While a racetrack conference table is like a rectangular conference table with rounded corners.

Racetrack Conference Table

Remember when I said that selecting a conference table was a fairly easy process? That may be an oversimplification. But the conference table is limited by the size of the conference room, and how many people need to be seated during the meetings. Of course, these two factors can work against one another but there are options for this too. This is where I remind you that Madison Liquidators can help speed this process along. For example, if  the conference room and seating capacity doesn’t work out by the length of the conference table, placing modular sets of square tables around the room just might be the answer.

Rectangular Conference Table

For a deep dive into conference room tables, check out these in-depth guides.



#2- Choose your Conference Room Chairs

Fabric High Back Conference Room Chair

Once the table is set, the next step should be selecting your conference room chairs. Conference room chairs look like regular office chairs but with small differences. For example, conference room chairs usually have armrests that aren’t adjustable whereas, an office desk chair does. Studies have shown that an adjustable armrest in a conference setting can be a distraction because someone who is bored will fidget with whatever is nearby, so a sturdy non-movable armrest is just what the doctor ordered. There are several other differences as well, but the important thing to know is that an office chair is built for all day use whereas a conference chair is built for periodic use.

Mesh Mid-Back Conference Room Chair

For a more in-depth look at conference room chairs, check out the link below.


#3- Choose your Storage Cabinets

Credenza Storage Cabinet With Hutch

Madison Liquidators recommends choosing either of the following depending on what works best for you.

Option 1- Free-standing storage cabinets in the conference room with a bookshelf. This provides a good amount of storage without taking up too much space. This is the best option for a smaller conference room where square footage is at a premium.

Office Credenza Storage Cabinet

Option 2- Full storage cabinet wall which creates the perfect backdrop for multi-media presentations. Visually, this would be on par with an entertainment center with a wall mounted T.V. found in our homes. Perfect for larger conference rooms where connectivity is an essential part of the meeting.

Credenza Storage Cabinet With Bookcases


#4- Add Bookshelves


Add a single bookcase or use multiple bookcases to create a library bookcase wall in your conference room. This will work well when planned in conjunction with the storage cabinets of your conference room.

Executive Bookshelf

#5- Add a Whiteboard

Sliding Door Dry Erase Board

This is a great option an office with regular presentations. Options include rolling whiteboards or wall mounted whiteboards. One of these options will perfectly fit the needs of your office.  

Mobile Whiteboard


#6- Add a TV for Multi-Media and Laptop Presentations

Multimedia Conference Room

 This option takes the meeting to an entirely new level. Multimedia in meetings bring a sense of professionalism and preparedness to the conference room which is important for an office that meets with guests. This is the modern take on an overhead projector. Adding a TV to the conference room is an often overlooked option but is an integral part of the meetings for office that uses them.

Final Thoughts

Small Conference Room

When it comes to choosing the right office furniture for your conference room there is an abundance of options. Following these six steps will help streamline the process and will help keep you focused on the bigger picture by looking at one aspect at a time. Once again, I must state here at the closing that our staff is ready to help in any way that you need. Give us a call should you decide to give us a shot at helping you with choosing your conference room furniture or any other office furniture needs. Give us a call at (888) 831-1012.

Large Conference Room

At Madison Liquidators, we strive to build lasting relationships with our customers. To do this, we focus on the customers needs and help them using our many years of dedicated experience. As I have said a couple of times, we endeavour to walk the journey with our customers every step of the way. Reach out to us from budgeting, to conceptualisation, to delivery, and installation to see how we can serve you in your conference room needs, or any other aspect of the office furniture. We look forward to hearing from you today!

Adam Stacks
About The Author

Adam Stacks, came to Madison Liquidators at the start of 2021 after several years of freelance writing for local newspapers, magazines, and websites. His passion for writing began at an early age by writing personal works of fiction. Since joining Madison Liquidators, he has dedicated himself to studying office furniture and relaying his insight to the consumer in hopes of helping them in their search for quality office furniture.

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