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Leather Conference Room Chairs | All You Need to Know!

Terra SandersTerra Sanders
November 29th, 2023
~ 5 minute read
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About Conference Room Chairs

When you're in a meeting you're probably thinking about the exciting words the presenter is conveying, the new ideas your team is collaborating on, or maybe even the kindly provided donuts and coffee on the table in front of you.

Or maybe not.

There is no need to boast if this is actually how you feel about meetings, but many people, are asking themselves if this meeting could have been an email. And while no one can do anything about whether or not you actually need to meet as often and for as long as you do, there is plenty to be done about how you and your team meet.

leather conference chair

Take for example your conference room table. Does the size fit everyone or is it larger than necessary? How about your conference room chairs? Do they make you want to sit all day or is your back hurting from the cheapest thing your company thought would get the job done?

Here's where we can do something about it. There are better options for conference room chairs and you don't have to leave your team squirming in the well-worn chairs your boss purchased from a big box store the last time Dallas was in the Superbowl.

leather office chair

Styles Of Conference Chairs

What you may not know (or have even cared to know) about conference chairs is that there are a lot of variations. But all serve their function well in that they are designed for long hours of sitting, mobility, adjustability, and even style.

leather office chair

Executive Conference Chairs

These chairs are the kind that come to mind when you think about the movie Richie Rich. You can imagine the long boardroom table, a bunch of stuffy guys in black suits all sitting on a high-back, rich red leather chair.

That's because executive conference room chairs and executive-style furniture in general are meant to convey power, sophistication, and luxury. These chairs do so with their high-back design, material, and color choices.

Of course, they don't have to be used in the boardroom and executive meeting spaces solely, but they are meant to leave an impression on the right people.

leather office chair

Modern Conference Chairs

Modern and contemporary style conference room chairs might bring to mind, for you, simplicity. That is because modern office furniture is meant to be high-functioning, stylish, and low-frills.

These chairs use straight lines, and bold or even minimalist colors like, red, white, and black, plus, they utilize modern materials such as chrome bases and vinyl.

But these chairs aren't completely unadorned. Plain, clean patterns, and high and mid-backs with unique arm styles add to their modern aesthetic.

leather office chair

Leather Conference Room Chairs

Leather chairs, to many people, seem like the most top-of-the-line version of home or office furniture out there.

For this reason, leather chairs can come off as expensive or a luxury item, but that doesn't have to be the case. 

Leather and faux leather options abound that are affordable and quality. 

The benefits of having a leather conference chair are that they can take lots of use, remain comfortable, and are easy to clean all while adding classic style and elegance to a meeting space.

leather office chair

Leather Chair Basics

The benefits of leather as a material on its own are far-reaching. They are durable and can last for years, taking wear and tear that leaves them looking even better as they age.

Leather is also known to be a comfortable material that is breathable and conforms to the body.

If the hygiene of your office is important to your organization, then being able to take a damp cloth and simply wipe down your leather to keep things clean is another reason many find a leather chair easy to maintain.

leather office chair

Genuine Leather vs Faux Leather

Without going too deep into a debate about either here are some of the differences of each to help you make an informed decision about which to buy. 

Of course, if it's for ethical reasons, that decision is easy.

Leather vs Faux Leather

Leather Conference Chair Design

Unlike conventional dining, guest, or even office chairs, leather conference chairs have been designed with meetings in mind in three main ways.

1. Ergonomics 

Conference chairs are made to be used for long periods of sitting and therefore try to relieve the stress that might come on the neck and back. For this reason, ergonomic features are built in including lumbar support, seat tilt, and height adjustability.

2. Mobility 

Instead of constantly craning your neck from speaker to speaker, no matter where they are in the room, or lifting and moving chairs to rearrange seating and spacing, features are built in to make all kinds of meeting room movements easy. 

Wheels and carpet casters can help you glide easily across any surface while a 360-degree swivel can save your neck from doing the tennis match back and forth.

leather office chair
3. Aesthetics

Lots of office furniture is designed solely towards functionality. 

Not so with leather conference chairs.

What takes place in a boardroom can be something as simple as team meetings and Q4 forecastings, but the boardroom can also be a place of first and last impressions.

It's the room where the most important decisions are made such as who to hire or to fire, what to invest in, and where to pull investments from. 

Looks, along with other factors, do play a huge part in how the company is viewed and for this reason, style plays a huge part in conference chair design.

leather office chair

Leather Conference Chairs for Office Spaces

As stated earlier, because you buy a conference room chair, it doesn't then require you to use it exclusively in that area of your office.

You may work from home and need a nice leather chair that can roll from desk to printer. 

You also may be making a decision to invest your own time and money into making your cubicle workspace a little more in step with your personal style and needs.

All of these areas could benefit from a leather conference chair.

Conference Room Chair Features to Consider

Knowing what a leather conference room chair has to offer is a good way to make your purchase an informed one. 

To touch on it briefly:

  • Adjustable arms

  • Twin-wheel carpet casters

  • 360-degree swivel

  • Seat height & tilt adjustability

  • High or mid-back rest

  • Injection molded foam

  • Manufacturers warranty

  • Seat tilt position lock

  • Chrome/nylon base

  • Adjustable lumbar support

    This is by no means exhaustive but ahead of time, you can consider what you and your company's needs are when it comes to choosing the right leather conference chair. 

leather office chair


If you're ready to make your workplace more stylish, long-lasting, and easier to maintain, it may start with something as simple as a conference room chair.

To choose the perfect leather conference chair for your meeting room space, consider the conference table size and how many chairs, with (wiggle room) it will allow. 

Also, take note of what activities and types of meetings or presentations take place. During these meetings how are individual employees using their seats? What challenges do they face when trying to adjust the chair to their sitting style? 

And remember, don't forget aesthetics. What finish does your conference table have? Is there any other decor in the space that the chairs should complement? Is the room designed to be more executive or modern?

Arming yourself with this knowledge will ensure you get the best price, style, and comfortable leather conference chair for your space. 

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Terra Sanders
About The Author

Terra Sanders, the newest addition to the Madison Liquidators team, uses her background in digital marketing, content strategy and SEO to craft thoughtful and engaging articles. She writes in a way that appeals to customers through interesting information that can help them on their office furniture buying journey.

Terra Sanders

Terra Sanders, the newest addition to the Madison Liquidators team, uses her background in digital marketing, content strategy and SEO to craft thoughtful and engaging articles. She writes in a way that appeals to customers through interesting information that can help them on their office furniture buying journey.