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Styling a Sofa for 3 Different Office Waiting Room Looks

Terra SandersTerra Sanders
March 11th, 2024
~ 4 minute read

Putting in the effort to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for close friends and family who are guests in your home can be a challenge, especially when the guests are clients, potential clients, and others whom you may not know much about. How could you best create a waiting room atmosphere that conveys messages of comfort, professionalism, and high standards to anyone and everyone who walks through your doors?

Let's start at the sofa. states that "styling your couch can make... your entire space look that much better. Since a sofa is... the biggest piece of furniture... it commands the most visual attention." While in the case of the office waiting room, a reception desk is most likely to be the largest piece of furniture, the principal still stands that reception sofas and reception seating, in general, are the main event of the waiting room, and everything else styled around it can either make or break the impression of the space.

At this point, you may be thinking, "Who really leaves a waiting room caring that much about the furniture?" But the honest answer is nobody. What people leave the waiting room thinking is, "That was boring," The chairs hurt my back," or even, "That place seems stuffy." The waiting room gives people a first impression of your office, business, services, and even corporate personality.

In this article, we'll take a look at three office waiting room styles and visualize various ways to style them around the sofa.

Let's dive in.

The Luxury Waiting Room Aesthetic

A luxury office can best be described as one that uses high-end decor, mixed metals, and solid wood furnishings in conjunction with classically ornate elements such as light fixtures to make a space feel expensive and well-planned. Luxury office spaces and waiting rooms are typically used by hotels, law offices, spas and resorts, and plastic surgeon offices.

Create a sophisticated atmosphere in your reception area with plush-grain leather sofas and deep armchairs that match style with comfort. Opt for high-traffic area-resistant materials that exude elegance, like marble floors or rich wood tones, which provide a timeless foundation. Accent tables with gleaming chrome or brass bases and glass tops add a touch of modern luxury. Statement lighting, like a crystal chandelier, can also help create a sense of occasion while adding an additional focal point. Curated artwork and designer furniture that follow a similar color palate to your seating or accents complete the picture.

The Industrial Waiting Room

The industrial design trend can best be described by the use and exposure of raw building materials and unfinished elements. Concrete, exposed lights, and large, open factory-type spaces with giant leaded glass windows are all hallmarks of the style. Businesses that may utilize the industrial design style include art spaces, coworking spaces, and modern architectural design firms.

For an industrial-looking waiting room, craft a modern, professional space using simple materials. Choose high-quality seating like distressed leather sofas or concrete benches that help to complement the space. Exposed brick, metal accents, and polished concrete floors create a raw aesthetic while solidifying a warehouse or factory feel. Neutral rugs and industrial pendant lights can help to add warmth while defining particular areas within the open-plan space. Keep it clutter-free with minimal decor for a clean, office feel that makes a great first impression.

The Artsy Maximalist Waiting Room

The artsy maximalist interior highly emphasizes mounted artwork and sculptures, plenty of color, and lots of well-curated objects like vases and coffee table books. Patterned wallpaper, oriental rugs, and mixed-media art objects make the space unique while adding visual interest. Businesses that may take advantage of this aesthetic for their waiting room are interior design firms, children's dental and doctors' offices, or even hair salons.

Unleash creativity in your reception area with the perfect mix of comfy seating. Try mismatched loveseats and vintage armchairs that can be unique or play off of other colors in the room. Bold tones and patterns on furniture and accent tables made from recycled materials help create a fun, artistic vibe. Play with textures: plush rugs, a mix of metal and woven elements, and pops of greenery throughout with office planters. Modern art with a DIY aesthetic or quirky conversation starters displayed on walls will spark visitors' imaginations. It's a celebration of individuality that reflects your business's artistic side.


No matter your office's style, the right reception furniture can make a big impact. A well-chosen couch for your waiting area sets the tone for the entire space, creating a comfortable and inviting lobby for your guests. From the traditional comfort of a grain leather sofa in a reception area to durable mismatched loveseats in a vibrant, artsy space, your waiting room furniture choices can say a lot about your company.

Remember, when selecting waiting room furniture, consider factors like durability for high-traffic areas, comfort for extended sitting, and style to match your overall office aesthetic.

For a wider selection of reception seating options, accent tables, and more, be sure to contact our team today! We'd be happy to help you create a waiting room that reflects your unique office style and makes a lasting impression on your guests.

Looking for a versatile and comfortable office sofa option? Check out this popular choice here.

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Terra Sanders
About The Author

Terra Sanders, the newest addition to the Madison Liquidators team, uses her background in digital marketing, content strategy and SEO to craft thoughtful and engaging articles. She writes in a way that appeals to customers through interesting information that can help them on their office furniture buying journey.

Terra Sanders

Terra Sanders, the newest addition to the Madison Liquidators team, uses her background in digital marketing, content strategy and SEO to craft thoughtful and engaging articles. She writes in a way that appeals to customers through interesting information that can help them on their office furniture buying journey.