Conference Table Dimensions

Conference Table Dimensions

The following size guide will help you calculate the space needed in a boardroom or meeting room based on conference table sizes. Adequate planning and purchasing the right furniture is important for making a good impression on clients, customers and employees. For planning your room it is best to give between 30 & 36 inches per seat and a minimum of 3 feet or 36 inches between the table ends and the walls.

If you want a room that feels more spacious, 4-6 feet between the walls and the back of the chairs is suggested. You can request a free CAD design for your room, just let us know the dimensions of your space, how many seats you need and we will provide you with a layout of the space.

The average size of conference tables for small to medium sized businesses is 8-12 FT, larger businesses may need to purchase a modular conference tables to make space for 30 or more guests.

Size Guide

The recommended space on this chart is to provide you with a rough estimate as to how much room you might need to fit your conference table plus chairs and have some extra space so that the room doesn't feel over-crowded. We recommend to use your best judgement when purchasing your conference table and to not stick solely to this chart as a buying guide.

ModelSeriesShapeLengthDimensionsRecommended SpaceSeatsPrice
1500BST96PBCommuniqueBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$3275.00
1500BST96SBCommuniqueBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$3340.00
1500BST120SBCommuniqueBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$3655.00
1500BST120PBCommuniqueBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$3745.00
1500BST144SBCommuniqueBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$4095.00
1500BST144PBCommuniqueBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$4165.00
1500BST168SBCommuniqueBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$4740.00
1500BST168PBCommuniqueBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$4930.00
1500BST192SBCommuniqueBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$5095.00
1500BST192PBCommuniqueBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$5140.00
1500BST54192SBCommuniqueBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$5145.00
1500BST54192PBCommuniqueBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$5310.00
1500BST216SBCommuniqueBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$5550.00
1500BST240SBCommuniqueBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$5715.00
1500BST54216SBCommuniqueBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$5725.00
1500BST216PBCommuniqueBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$5765.00
1500BST54216PBCommuniqueBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$5960.00
1500BST240PBCommuniqueBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$5990.00
1500BST54240SB_CommuniqueBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$6025.00
1500BST54240PBCommuniqueBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$6195.00
1500BST264SBCommuniqueBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$6300.00
1500BST54264SBCommuniqueBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$6395.00
1500BST288SBCommuniqueBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$6500.00
1500BST264PBCommuniqueBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$6605.00
1500BST288PBCommuniqueBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$6800.00
1500BST54288SBCommuniqueBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$6820.00
1500BST54264PBCommuniqueBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$6835.00
1500BST54288PBCommuniqueBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$7040.00
1500RET96PBCommuniqueRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$3270.00
1500RET96SBCommuniqueRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$3340.00
1500RET120SBCommuniqueRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$3605.00
1500RET120PBCommuniqueRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$3730.00
1500RET144SBCommuniqueRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$4070.00
1500RET144PBCommuniqueRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$4140.00
1500RET168SBCommuniqueRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$4690.00
1500RET168PBCommuniqueRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$4960.00
1500RET192SBCommuniqueRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$5080.00
1500RET54192SBCommuniqueRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$5090.00
1500RET192PBCommuniqueRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$5125.00
1500RET54192PBCommuniqueRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$5330.00
1500RET216SBCommuniqueRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$5525.00
1500RET240SBCommuniqueRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$5700.00
1500RET54216SBCommuniqueRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$5810.00
1500RET216PBCommuniqueRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$5820.00
1500RET54216PBCommuniqueRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$5890.00
1500RET240PBCommuniqueRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$5990.00
1500RET54240SBCommuniqueRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$5990.00
1500RET54240PBCommuniqueRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$6215.00
1500RET264SBCommuniqueRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$6305.00
1500RET54264SBCommuniqueRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$6380.00
1500RET288SBCommuniqueRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$6505.00
1500RET264PBCommuniqueRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$6610.00
1500RET288PBCommuniqueRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$6805.00
1500RET54288SBCommuniqueRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$6855.00
1500RET54264PBCommuniqueRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$6865.00
1500RET54288PBCommuniqueRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$7070.00
1500RET42SBCommuniqueSquare0 FT42 x 422 Person$2360.00
1500RET48SB_CommuniqueSquare0 FT42 x 422 Person$2430.00
1500RET54SBCommuniqueSquare0 FT42 x 422 Person$2630.00
1500RET60SBCommuniqueSquare0 FT42 x 422 Person$2775.00
ELS635EL StatusRacetrack6 FT71x36x30113 x 786 Person$390.00
ELS636EL StatusRacetrack8 FT95x43x30137 x 856 Person$520.00
ELS637EL StatusRacetrack10 FT120x48x30162 x 908 Person$620.00
ELS638EL StatusRacetrack12 FT144x48x30186 x 9010 Person$780.00
ELS627EL StatusRound4 FT42x42x3084 x 844 Person$195.00
EL135Express LaminateRacetrack6 FT71x35x30113 x 776 Person$260.00
EL136Express LaminateRacetrack8 FT95x44x30137 x 866 Person$400.00
EL137Express LaminateRacetrack10 FT120x47x30162 x 898 Person$550.00
EL138Express LaminateRacetrack12 FT144x47x30186 x 8910 Person$750.00
PL235GPL LaminateBoat6 FT71x25/35x30113 x 776 Person$290.00
PL2368GPL LaminateBoat8 FT95x28/44x30137 x 866 Person$450.00
PLTTSB2368GPL LaminateBoat8 FT95x28/44x30137 x 866 Person$450.00
PLBC-2368GPL LaminateBoat8 FT95x28/44x30137 x 866 Person$560.00
PL23710GPL LaminateBoat10 FT120x33/48x30162 x 908 Person$610.00
PLTTSB23710GPL LaminateBoat10 FT120x33/48x30162 x 908 Person$610.00
PLBC-23710GPL LaminateBoat10 FT120x30/48x30162 x 908 Person$690.00
PLSBB2368G1PL LaminateBoat8 FT95x28/44x30137 x 866 Person$730.00
PLSBB2368GPL LaminateBoat8 FT95x28/44x30137 x 866 Person$730.00
PLBC-23812GPL LaminateBoat12 FT144x33/48x30186 x 9010 Person$830.00
PL23812GPL LaminateBoat12 FT144x33/48x30186 x 9010 Person$840.00
PLTTSB23812GPL LaminateBoat12 FT144x33/48x30186 x 9010 Person$840.00
PLSBB23710GPL LaminateBoat10 FT120x33/48x30162 x 908 Person$880.00
PL23714GPL LaminateBoat14 FT168x33/48x30210 x 9010 Person$990.00
PLTTSB23714GPL LaminateBoat14 FT168x33/48x30210 x 9010 Person$990.00
PLBC-23714GPL LaminateBoat14 FT168x33/48x30210 x 9010 Person$1030.00
PL23816GPL LaminateBoat16 FT192x33/48x30234 x 9012 Person$1140.00
PLTTSB23816GPL LaminateBoat16 FT192x33/48x30234 x 9012 Person$1140.00
PLBC-23816GPL LaminateBoat16 FT192x33/48x30234 x 9012 Person$1170.00
PLSBB23812GPL LaminateBoat12 FT144x33/48x30186 x 9010 Person$1240.00
PL23718GPL LaminateBoat18 FT216x33/48x30258 x 9014 Person$1290.00
PLTTSB23718GPL LaminateBoat18 FT216x33/48x30258 x 9014 Person$1290.00
PLBC-23718GPL LaminateBoat18 FT216x33/48x30258 x 9014 Person$1360.00
PL23820GPL LaminateBoat20 FT240x33/48x30282 x 9014 Person$1440.00
PLTTSB23820GPL LaminateBoat20 FT240x33/48x30282 x 9014 Person$1440.00
PLBC-23820GPL LaminateBoat20 FT240x33/48x30282 x 9014 Person$1500.00
PL23722GPL LaminateBoat22 FT264x33/48x30306 x 9016 Person$1590.00
PLTTSB23722GPL LaminateBoat22 FT264x33/48x30306 x 9016 Person$1590.00
PLSBB23714GPL LaminateBoat14 FT168x33/48x30210 x 9010 Person$1600.00
PLBC-23722GPL LaminateBoat22 FT264x33/48x30306 x 9016 Person$1700.00
PL23824GPL LaminateBoat24 FT288x33/48x30330 x 9018 Person$1740.00
PLSBB23816GPL LaminateBoat16 FT192x33/48x30234 x 9012 Person$1740.00
PLTTSB23824GPL LaminateBoat24 FT288x33/48x30330 x 9018 Person$1740.00
PLBC-23824GPL LaminateBoat24 FT288x33/48x30330 x 9018 Person$1830.00
PLSBB23718GPL LaminateBoat18 FT216x33/48x30258 x 9014 Person$2090.00
PLSBB23820GPL LaminateBoat20 FT240x33/48x30282 x 9014 Person$2240.00
PLSBB23722GPL LaminateBoat22 FT264x33/48x30306 x 9016 Person$2590.00
PLSBB23824GPL LaminateBoat24 FT288x33/48x30330 x 9018 Person$2740.00
PL135GPL LaminateRacetrack6 FT71x35x30113 x 776 Person$290.00
PL1368GPL LaminateRacetrack8 FT95x44x30137 x 866 Person$450.00
PL13710GPL LaminateRacetrack10 FT120x48x30162 x 908 Person$610.00
PLSBRT1368GPL LaminateRacetrack8 FT95x44x30137 x 866 Person$730.00
PL13812GPL LaminateRacetrack12 FT144x48x30186 x 9010 Person$840.00
PLSBRT13710GPL LaminateRacetrack10 FT120x48x30162 x 908 Person$880.00
PL13714GPL LaminateRacetrack14 FT168x48x30210 x 9010 Person$990.00
PL13816GPL LaminateRacetrack16 FT192x48x30234 x 9012 Person$1140.00
PLSBRT13812GPL LaminateRacetrack12 FT144x48x30186 x 9010 Person$1240.00
PL13718GPL LaminateRacetrack18 FT216x48x30258 x 9014 Person$1290.00
PL13820GPL LaminateRacetrack20 FT240x48x30282 x 9014 Person$1440.00
PL13722GPL LaminateRacetrack22 FT264x48x30306 x 9016 Person$1590.00
PLSBRT13714GPL LaminateRacetrack14 FT168x48x30210 x 9010 Person$1600.00
PL13824GPL LaminateRacetrack24 FT288x48x30330 x 9018 Person$1740.00
PLSBRT13816GPL LaminateRacetrack16 FT192x48x30234 x 9012 Person$1740.00
PLSBRT13718GPL LaminateRacetrack18 FT216x48x30258 x 9014 Person$2090.00
PLSBRT13820GPL LaminateRacetrack20 FT240x48x30282 x 9014 Person$2240.00
PLSBRT13722GPL LaminateRacetrack22 FT264x48x30306 x 9016 Person$2590.00
PLSBRT13824GPL LaminateRacetrack24 FT288x48x30330 x 9018 Person$2740.00
PL139T/PLCUBE20PL LaminateSquare4 FT48x48x3090 x 904 Person$330.00
7SQB72BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$3245.00
7PDB72BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$3305.00
7SQB84BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$3460.00
7PT72BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$3500.00
7PDB84BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$3520.00
7PT84BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$3750.00
7SQB96BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$3895.00
7PDB96BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$3955.00
7PT96BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$4040.00
7SQB9648BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$4095.00
7PT9648BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$4225.00
7PDB9648BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$4545.00
7PT120BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$5335.00
7PDB120BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$5555.00
7SQB120BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$5645.00
7PT12054BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$5705.00
7SQB12054BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$6040.00
7PT144BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$6180.00
7PDB144BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$6370.00
7SQB144BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$6460.00
7PT14454BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$6615.00
7PDB12054BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$6740.00
7SQB14454BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$6915.00
7PT168BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$7160.00
7PDB168BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$7345.00
7SQB168BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$7435.00
7PDB14454BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$7620.00
7PT16854BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$7670.00
7PT192BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$7845.00
7SQB16854BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$7955.00
7PDB192BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$8025.00
7SQB192BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$8115.00
7PT19254BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$8395.00
7PDB16854BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$8665.00
7SQB19254BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$8685.00
7PT216BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$8900.00
7PDB216BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$9075.00
7SQB216BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$9165.00
7PDB19254BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$9385.00
7PT21654BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$9505.00
7SQB21654BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$9805.00
7PT240BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$9990.00
7PDB240BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$10290.00
7SQB240BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$10385.00
7PDB21654BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$10495.00
7PT24054BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$10665.00
7PT288BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$11095.00
7SQB24054BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$11110.00
7PDB288BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$11290.00
7SQB288BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$11380.00
7PT28854BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$11905.00
7PDB24054BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$12180.00
7SQB28854BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$12190.00
7PDB28854BSTraditionalBoat Shaped0 FT42 x 422 Person$13180.00
7SQB72RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$3220.00
7PDB72RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$3280.00
7PT72RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$3355.00
7SQB84RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$3580.00
7PDB84RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$3640.00
7PT84RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$3720.00
7SQB96RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$3910.00
7PDB96RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$3975.00
7PT96RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$4055.00
7SQB9648RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$4115.00
7PT9648RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$4245.00
7PDB9648RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$4580.00
7PT120RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$5220.00
7SQB120RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$5350.00
7PDB120RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$5445.00
7PT12054RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$5585.00
7SQB12054RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$5725.00
7PDB12054RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$6090.00
7PT144RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$6195.00
7SQB144RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$6295.00
7PDB144RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$6390.00
7PT14454RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$6635.00
7SQB14454RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$6735.00
7SQB168RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$7245.00
7PT168RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$7330.00
7PDB168RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$7475.00
7PDB14454RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$7640.00
7SQB16854RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$7755.00
7PT16854RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$7835.00
7SQB192RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$8195.00
7PT192RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$8455.00
7PDB192RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$8680.00
7SQB19254RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$8770.00
7PDB16854RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$8800.00
7PT19254RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$9050.00
7SQB216RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$9155.00
7PT216RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$9655.00
7SQB21654RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$9795.00
7PDB216RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$9815.00
7PDB19254RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$10065.00
7SQB240RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$10080.00
7PT21654RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$10330.00
7PT240RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$10750.00
7SQB24054RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$10755.00
7PDB240RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$10940.00
7SQB288RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$11040.00
7PDB21654RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$11270.00
7PT24054RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$11490.00
7SQB28854RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$11850.00
7PT288RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$11890.00
7PDB288RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$12085.00
7PT28854RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$12700.00
7PDB24054RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$12830.00
7PDB28854RTTraditionalRacetrack0 FT42 x 422 Person$14115.00
7SQB72RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$2950.00
7PDB72RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$3015.00
7PT72RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$3085.00
7SQB72RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$3230.00
7PDB84RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$3295.00
7PT84RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$3370.00
7SQB96RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$3510.00
7PDB96RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$3570.00
7PT96RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$3655.00
7SQB9648RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$3710.00
7PT9648RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$3805.00
7PDB9648RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$4125.00
7PT120RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$4575.00
7PDB120RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$4800.00
7SQB120RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$4885.00
7PT12054RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$4895.00
7SQB12054RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$5225.00
7PT144RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$5490.00
7PDB144RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$5685.00
7SQB144RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$5775.00
7PT14454RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$5875.00
7PDB12054RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$5930.00
7SQB14454RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$6180.00
7PT168RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$6360.00
7PDB168RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$6545.00
7SQB168RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$6635.00
7PT16854RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$6805.00
7PDB14454RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$6880.00
7PT192RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$6925.00
7SQB16854RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$7100.00
7PDB192RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$7105.00
7SQB192RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$7195.00
7PT19254RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$7410.00
7SQB19254RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$7700.00
7PT216RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$7750.00
7PDB16854RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$7925.00
7PDB216RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$7930.00
7SQB216RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$8015.00
7PT21654RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$8290.00
7PDB19254RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$8405.00
7PT240RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$8520.00
7SQB21654RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$8580.00
7PDB240RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$8695.00
7SQB240RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$8795.00
7PT24054RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$9115.00
7PDB21654RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$9280.00
7SQB24054RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$9410.00
7PT288RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$9480.00
7PDB288RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$9600.00
7SQB288RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$9810.00
TraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$10140.00
7SQB28854RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$10280.00
7PDB24054RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$10505.00
7PDB28854RETraditionalRectangular0 FT42 x 422 Person$11480.00
7PDB36ROTraditionalRound0 FT42 x 422 Person$1435.00
7PDB42ROTraditionalRound0 FT42 x 422 Person$1575.00
7PDB48ROTraditionalRound0 FT42 x 422 Person$1730.00
7PDB54ROTraditionalRound0 FT42 x 422 Person$2275.00
7PDB60ROTraditionalRound0 FT42 x 422 Person$2525.00
7SQB36SQTraditionalSquare0 FT42 x 422 Person$1335.00
7PDB36SQTraditionalSquare0 FT42 x 422 Person$1370.00
7PDB42SQTraditionalSquare0 FT42 x 422 Person$1505.00
7SQB42SQTraditionalSquare0 FT42 x 422 Person$1615.00
7PDB48SQTraditionalSquare0 FT42 x 422 Person$1665.00
7SQB48SQTraditionalSquare0 FT42 x 422 Person$1695.00
1500VT72PBVisionV0 FT42 x 422 Person$2970.00
1500VT96PBVisionV0 FT42 x 422 Person$3310.00
1500VT96SBVisionV0 FT42 x 422 Person$3340.00
1500VT120SBVisionV0 FT42 x 422 Person$3725.00
1500VT120PBVisionV0 FT42 x 422 Person$3855.00
1500VT144SBVisionV0 FT42 x 422 Person$4260.00
1500VT144PBVisionV0 FT42 x 422 Person$4280.00
1500VT168SBVisionV0 FT42 x 422 Person$4975.00
1500VT168PBVisionV0 FT42 x 422 Person$5165.00
1500VT192SBVisionV0 FT42 x 422 Person$5225.00
1500VT192PBVisionV0 FT42 x 422 Person$5425.00
1500VT216SBVisionV0 FT42 x 422 Person$5975.00
1500VT216PBVisionV0 FT42 x 422 Person$6250.00
1500VT240PBVisionV0 FT42 x 422 Person$6510.00
1500VT240SBVisionV0 FT42 x 422 Person$6930.00