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The desks we have for sale are modular and can be custom ordered to meet your exact needs regarding style, size and storage. Our website has many desk typicals listed however if you do not see exactly what you need call us and we will get you setup with the perfect desk for your space.

Desks by Shape

The modular desks we sell can be setup in any common shape your need for an office space. The following are the most common desks by shape.

Desks by Type

Not only are there a number of different shapes of desk there are also different types of desk. The following sections will help you narrow your search for the right desk.

Desks by Finish

We have desks in a large variety of finishes. Some of the most popular finishes are Cherry, Mahogany, Espress and Gray.

Desks by Capacity

If you are a business owner or have limited space in a home office and need room for more then one person, having a desk set that includes multiple people is a great space saving technique and allows for collaboration on projects.

Desks by Size

Sometimes you need a large desk, othertimes you need a small desk. Depending on how much space you need or how much space you have in your room, you will want to plan accordingly by purchasing a large or small compact desk.

Desks by Series

The following is a complete collection of desk series and office furniture that we can custom order for you. Each series has matching accessories including hutch, drawers and other storage options. Most series of desk can be ordered in whatever shape you need, so you if you don't see it listed, please give us a call to order.

A good desk will be affordable, match the design of your office space and fill the office you are working in without looking to big or too small. There are many accessories that can be considered when purchasing a desk which can include add a hutch, drawers, wall mount storage, a credenza desk, monitor arms and pencil drawers.

We have countless varieties and combinations of commercial grade laminate and solid wood desks that if you are looking to get something very specific we suggest you work with our sales team directly so they can help you get what you need. Each sales person on our staff is trained to design office spaces and can provide you with floor plans and renderings of your desk setup before it is complete.

When considering what kind of desk you will be buying it’s almost always extremely important to determine how your computer will be setup at your workstation. If you are planning to have multiple monitors, use the desk for gaming or for work will all be determining factors in how your desk should be laid out.